May 16, 2015

Hungry For Cock

    How long do you think it will take me to get you down on your knees like a sissy whore? How long before I have you deep throating that thick cock down your throat?  What’s that you say? You’re not gay?  By the time I’m done with you… You will be begging for cock. Candy 888*430*2010
April 11, 2012

Tools of an ABDL Mommy: A Mother’s Hands

I think we sometimes over look all the things a Mother’s hands do for us. Let’s face it; they are the keeper of all things – both good and bad.   They create such wondrous and delicious things in the kitchen, stirring up a utopia of smells to tantalize and delight us in anticipation.  Can anyone resist the smells of fresh bread baking in the oven? Or not lay in waiting for the first batch of chocolate chip cookies to emerge from the oven, gooey and warm and crying out to be devoured?   They are the channeler of warmth and caring thoughts. With a simple touch we can feel her compassion, her empathy.  How many countless times have we felt them wrapped around us, holding us close, letting us know that we are special and loved? Chasing away any lingering feelings of pain or fear? Or even a brief but knowing touch to our arm, our back, our shoulder, conveying to us that she understands and is there for us always.   They are also the instrument of behavior adjustments; yes, a mother knows that a little one needs structure and discipline, and that an over-the-knee spanking is necessary at times to help her adult baby learn right from wrong.   And on that subject, is there anything more special then how a mother’s hands can expertly change an adult baby’s diaper?  How she caresses the delicate skin while cleansing the diaper area, wiping their private parts and erasing the remnants of a wet, messy diaper? How she then gently showers the area with sweet smelling baby powder, her fingertips swirling the soft, silky substance over their little bottom, their little weewee?   Yes, they comfort and sooth us; make us laugh and feel loved; teach us right from wrong; the gateway to all that an AB Mommy has to offer her little ones.  Indeed, a mother’s hands are an essential tool of an ABDL Mommy.     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
December 3, 2011

I Want To Be Your Phone A Mommy Angel

When you think of all the wonderful Mommies, Aunties, Sitters, Baby Girls, Grannies, Daddies and Baby Boys here at Phone A Mommy what do you think?  I myself tend to see us all as an ABDL and Sissy’s Guardian Angels.  The reason I think this way is because even when we are not in contact with you, we think of you.  We wonder how your day is going, how the problems you told us about are turning out for you. If you are being good and following instructions that you may have been given by one of us, and even if you are well and not ill in anyway. We get to know each and every one of you so very well.  We have been speaking to a lot of you since 2005, and that my dear ones is a very long time to have any type of relationship, no matter the dynamic.  Some of you are not under my care but are also someone I consider a friend, because of all the secrets we share.  And all of us here accept you for whom you are.  We understand and try our best to make you feel comfortable and endugle you in all your little kinks and whims. We lovingly diaper you, coddle you, speak to you, sing you songs, listen when you have a bad day, and pay attention to you.  Now some of you can be a bit on the naughty side, and that’s alright as well.  Because when you care for someone there are times where you must discipline them so they do not stray off the path too far.  As you can see from all I said; us here at Phone A Mommy fit into what I consider to be Angelic in nature and deed. Wanting To Be Your Angel Mommy, Lauren 888.430.2010
August 1, 2010

Diaper Space is Back Up!

I was pleasantly surprised that when I logged on to work this morning I had in my email account an announcement that Diaper Space is back up and running. I have to say I was starting to get a bit of Diaper Space withdraw. I guess it’s true what they say, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone! So if you have been on a jones for Diaper Space, then get on over there and start blogging and get back into participating. I’ll see you over there later on today. Mommy Sue 1-888-430-2010
June 23, 2010

Sweet Southern Voice

I find it cute when someone calls me for the first time and says..”Oh you are Southern?”  For a moment I think, oh no they are going to hang up on me lol.  They do not of course.  So I thought I would write a little something to let you all know that yes I am from the south, and I do have a southern accent.  It’s a soft soothing voice, not harsh.  Now make no mistake, I do discipline if it is needed.  But I do not yell, I find that a gentle stern approach is best, people tend to listen better if you speak to them softly. Mommy Liz 1-888-430-2010
June 12, 2010

Found This

The following is part of an article written for a magazine called Rubber Life from the 1970’s .  I find this interesting but it’s a bit severe. My reason for writing is to set out a few things which I consider to be basic to baby discipline, and perhaps a criticism or two as I ramble on… 1) Any boy or man under petticoat or diaper discipline must feel very little boyish, sissyish, and helplessly so. 2) He should always be shaven from neck to toe. Especially cleanly about his pubes. 3) He should not been able to masquerade as a woman or girl. His hair should be short (boyish as of old). If in dresses he should have no wig. In truth, he is better dealt with in sissy clothes than in dresses. 4) He should never have access to his own privates.  Thus, all clothing covering his trunk must button down the back. Rather than buttons, unless very small, hooks and eyes or small domes are the most difficult for him to handle, and still very easy for his mummy, nurse, or governess. 5) Baby doll pajamas are worn by girls and women nowadays. They are not for big boys, or men, in diapers and rubber panties. Such males should wear baby style nightdresses without openings for their hands, or else one-piece sleepers buttoning down the back with a drop seat and, of course, feet and hands covered. The baby nightdress should be longer than the man or boy, and should have a tape in the hem so that it may be closed at the bottom so that he cannot walk, and creeping or crawling would be very difficult. The big baby’s nightie should be so fastened, and sleepers should have a blind front, thus denying the male access to that part of his anatomy he must never, ever, touch for any reason. 6) Many of his outer garments should be locked about his neck and/or waist using a light chain and padlock. 7) Little boy rompers, sailor suits, side-fastening satin shorts with wide leg openings buttoning to one of two rows of large buttons sewn to a blouse, are excellent sissy wear. Fastened to the upper row of buttons, these shorts leave room for only his rubber panties, and cradle and pull up between his bottom cheeks. Without rubber panties or a rubber concealing device, his privates would be in danger of showing at the leg openings. Fastened to the lower row of buttons, his little satin shorts would allow room for good bulky diapers, but those, along with his shiny rubber panties, would protrude well below the leg openings of his little shorts. If the punished one has a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, even the jacket should be permanently buttoned or tacked in front, and would in fact fasten by a row of hooks and eyes down his back. 8) He must not be permitted use of the toilet. He might be permitted use of a […]
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