August 29, 2009

What is up

Labor Day is approaching soon and the end of summer is coming. Well we need to clean out those closets and get all those summer clothesput away.   Oh my as we dig out the fall clothes from last year most of them don’t fit that is due to my little ones growing so much over the last few months.  But that is ok because I love to take my little one out and show you off to all my friends.  I can see it now a trip to the local mall and if your good maybe we can stop by and play at the park or even better off maybe stop off and get an ice cream for the way home.                                                                                                               Love                                                                                                            Rachel                                                                                                          
August 29, 2009

To all my little ones

Hello all my lovelies!  I hope you have had a great week so far…Fall is right around the corner and the leaves are changing.  Hopefully you all got through the summer heat without any problems or issues of concerns.  Soon you will be needing to find those footie PJ’s to keep lose little toes of yours nice and warm.  You look ah so cute in those PJ’s with the little flaps on the rear ends.  OH my!!!!!                               I have truly enjoyed getting to know some of you and hope that I can connect with more of you.  If you are looking to have someone to help you in meeting those AB/DL needs well you have come to the right place.  I think that if you are serious about your diaper fetish, it is essential that you have someone who can talk to you about these desires and fantasies in great depth.  I am a great listener…but I’m also great at helping your fantiasies manifest and become realities.  You can call me and I’ll be there…..1-888-430-2010                                                                                                           Hugs and Kisses                                                                                                     Rachel                                                                                                      
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