February 10, 2013

Come here baby, get into Mommy’s lap. I have lots of sweet warm milk to fill my Adult Baby boy’s belly.Mommy’s breasts are large and full. You can see the milk starting to dribble out and run down the underside, down to my stomach. Come closer and wrap your lips around my large nipple. As soon as you do, you can feel the milk squirt into your waiting mouth, filling your belly. And soon you feel something else happening. And we both know what happens once you start sucking on mommy’s nipples don’t we? But that’s ok. Mommy knows just what to do to make it all better. Call soon baby. Mommy’s tits are full for you. ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
January 20, 2013

Nursing with Mommy

Come here sweet ABie boy. Come crawl into mommy’s lap. I have your favorite blankie here so you can snuggle up close to mommy. Just lay back in mommy’s arms and I will feed you. I know you must be hungry. You can drink down all of mommy’s nice warm milk and take a good nap in your crib. Mommy loves lactation and nursing fantasy. It feels so good to hold my AB boy in my arms and give him love only the way a mother can. and for those big boys out there lactation can be very erotic. I mean we all know men love tits! lol So, no matter what your fantasy is mommy is here to provide. Just sit back and close your eyes and listen to mommy describe the scene for you. Soon you will start to feel your mouth water and may even begin to feel your belly warm as the scene over takes you. Just relax and let mommy take you to another time and another place where you are safe, warm, loved and taken care of. No matter what kind of scene you enjoy, I like to put as much of my own personality and like and needs into it. I like to make it feel as real as possible. and sometimes, you can actually get lost in the fantasy. I know I have. and it is a wonderful feelings. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
August 12, 2012

Lactation Fetish

Have you ever experienced or wanted to know more about Lactation fetish? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lay back in mommy’s arms, no worries, feeling safe and secure? Feeling that warm milk from mommy’s breasts filling your mouth and then your belly is unlike anything else. And if ABboy’s peepee gets hard while mommy is filling his belly with her sweet goodness, well that’s ok. Mommy will take care of that too. Mommy wants to take good care of her sweet AB, give him everything he needs. Including a good feeding that is sure to make him a happy, sleepy boy. Just climb up onto mommy’s lap. Lay back and get comfortable in my loving arms and see what it is like to be a baby again being cared for by a sweet, caring mommy. I will open my nursing bra and slip my taut nipple into your waiting mouth. You will close your eyes and a feeling you have longed for will come over you. Just you and me, alone, as I rock you gently and look down into your eyes. And you will know that you are home. So give Mommy a call and you will truly know what it is like to be cared for, what it is like to be next to mommy’s bosom once again. Lactation fetish is just one of the many fetishes that I enjoy and am well versed in. Kisses, Mommy Josie 1~888~430~2010
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