September 27, 2019

Abdl Thinks He Can Be A Big Boy! (part 2)

(first part) A sign went past, letting Simon know that a rest area was just five miles down, and he smiled a little bit, convinced that he was going to make it there with no accidents and no more abdl diapers! He didn’t even feel any pressure from his bladder anymore, so he knew he had it under control… right until he felt that distinct warm wetness spread out from his crotch. He gasped and tried to cover it with his hands before he could stop himself, looking over at Mommy Brenda to see if she had noticed anything. She absolutely did and started to fuss at him, telling him that he was a silly, ridiculous incontinent abdl, and that nothing he did was going to change that. He was going to stay in diapers until she said otherwise, and if he said anything about it she really was going to pull out the spanking paddle, making sure that his bare bottom glowed red before she was done with his spanking discipline! That was bad enough, but then she said that they were nearly at the rest area, so she was going to put him in a clean diaper when they got there! Is she going to embarrass him in front of everyone? Click right here for the last part and call me for some adult baby phone sex. Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdlmommy #incontinence #abdldiapers #spanking
March 4, 2012

Tinkle Princess ~ Diapered Mandy

    They call me the Tinkle Princess, cause I am always having to tinkle. It doesn’t take much for me to tinkle in my panties. One reason why Older men like to keep this little Princess in Adult Diapers. Friends are always coming up from behind me, scaring me or tickling me so that I a tinkle accident! They know I don’t have much bladder control so for guys who love chicks that tinkle they love to do get me giggling. Whether they tickle me or make me laugh from their witty personality, they know their efforts will be rewarded! I have one guy friend that likes to pull my skirt up and see as it dribbles down my inner thighs. Others like to keep me diapered and will tickle me and keep me laughing for hours until I have completely drenched my diaper! Tinkle Princess Diapered Mandy, 1_888_430_2010
January 4, 2012

Adult Baby Incontinence

  My adult baby that I sit for has absolutely no control, no matter where we are he is bound to have an accident in his pants. He suffers from Adult Baby Incontinence and no matter how hard we have tried to potty train him and trips to the Doctors nothing seems to help. He often gets teased and laughed at and if he hasn’t already soaked  his pants once he gets picked on he is sure to drench them. Last night when I was sitting for him,  he came down stairs where my girlfriends and I were watching a movie all he was ready for bed in his pj’s and we were laughing at the show we were watching and he thought we were laughing at him and he had an accident. I had enough, my girlfriend Liz told me I should just diaper him that would at least save me of having to clean him up all the time. I agreed, we brought him back up stairs and began to diaper him, his Adult Baby Incontinence has just caused too much trouble and now he will have to be and Adult Diapered Baby 24/7! Mandy 1_888_430 _2010
August 28, 2009

Onsie for Baby

I found my sweet little baby that called the other day the cutest little onesie and he wanted me to share a pic of it with the other babies and ladies here so they can see just how cute he was dressed up in this little abdl onesie.As you can tell he has a thing for butterflies also.He was just so adorable in this with his little diapered bottom. Lorraine 1-888-430-2010
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