January 24, 2010

Homerun At Halftime

Okay ABDL’s, Give me a p – P Give me an a – A Give me an m – M What’s that spell? PHONE A MOMMY I know your all or most maybe be looking forward to all the games, drinking partying with friends, eating all those snacks wifey makes or is she more likely just to nag you to death? Well either way don’t forget you cant be around all that testosterone and nagging without having a relief.  So during intermission get ready to score with one of us ladies hehe we may just give you a few extra innings. We will be dressed in our sexiest cheer-leading outfits, in our short little skits and barely covered breast, and cheering you  and that cock jumping up and down for YOU! YUP YOU! On the other hand, perhaps we will dress you in a sluty little cheer-leading garb with ponytails, palm palms and all! So whether you’re looking to pound my wet pussy right on the 20th yard line as the fans watch on, or do a little cheer yourself for that hunk of a football player CALL and Show the boys how you scored one for the team! Now Give me a c – C Give me an a- A Give me an l- L Give me a l –L Who ya gona call? PHONE A MOMMY Talk with ya at intermission 1 888 430 2010 yours truly, Sexy Sara
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