October 19, 2011

Mischief Night

  The moon is full, the wind it howls, the creatures arise, an begin to prowl. Beware my friend, for this mischief night, danger lurks, as witches take flight. Crackling laughter, sounds the alarm, Vampires awaken, exuding with charm. Ghost and Goblins, flood the night, haunting and creeping, an eager to fright. Zombies swagger, down the streets, oozing an gushing, devouring their treats. Werewolves prepare, to stake their claim, growling and drooling, they torture and maim. While witches swoop down, placing their snares, countless are snatched, an whisked to their lairs. So villagers take heed, this mischief night, that creatures won’t allure, you into their plight. Lock all the doors, stay hidden away, for this midnight hour, be very afraid! You shiver you shudder, as the night soon nears, stirring up suspicions, an all your worst fears. Not much longer now, till creatures will loom, abide my warning, or Seal your doom. Bolt the windows, stay out of sight, for peril awaits, This mischief night. HAPPY HALLOWEEN, I WISH YOU All A GHOULING GOOD TME! HAHAHAHA! Poem brought to you by ABDL Mommy Sara Images brought to you by Caverns of Blood  
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