December 12, 2010

Special Birthdays

There are a few special Birthdays this month. I think having a Birthday in December can be good and it can be bad. On the good side you get to be on of the last people of the year to celebrate. On the bad side you have to share it with the biggest Holiday of the year for most people here. You could be like me and have a Birthday right after Christmas. It’s hard to fit in a party in the Holiday season so I can relate to the December Birthdays. If you are one of those special people then enjoy the heck out of your Birthday and have a Happy one. Daddy Paul
February 19, 2010

Bad Girl

So is Daddies little angel gonna be good tonight? I have come home work to find that you have been a brat. You disobeyed the babysitter you trashed your bedroom and wouldn’t eat your lunch. I had to come home and turn you over my knee and be grounded to your room. Now you have got some ground to make up for your bad behavior. I don’t hate you but I have had a rough enough day so tell me what do you think you can do to make up for what you have done. Daddy Paul
July 24, 2009

sweet Daddy time

I was just sitting here relaxing the best way I know. First I start off by turning off all the lights and light up a few candles for ambiance. Then run a nice warm bubble bath and pour myself a glass a tall glass of my favorite wine. Before I get in the tub I will put on some music, probably some of the classics. After the bath comes a nice dinner of some steak. By this time I am ready for beddy bye time. So if you think you could make this night any more special just let me know. Daddy Paul
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