September 18, 2011

Autumn Storm By Firelight

A flash of lightening streaks across the sky. We huddle close beneath the trembling eaves As thunder roars a nightmare lullaby, And strips the trees outside of summer leaves. The fire is warm. Its light is warmer still. A gentle beacon holding back the dark. Yet, in the light of day, we know we will Deny the fearful pounding of our hearts. The ancient wonder once again is near. The fury of the storm awakes our past. When gods and nature both were to be feared. And spells of warding were by fire cast. An autumn storm returns us to that place When nature’s glory awed the human race. Katherine Marek  Minnie We huddle together listening to the storms passing over our house all cuddled up me and the babies Baby afraid of storms come and cuddle up with Minnie she will take care of all those diaper needs and cuddling
July 21, 2011

Prissy Sissy

Oh look how cute you are in that adorable outfit you know that you do don’t you.All dressed up in that frilly dress now i do think you need to go shopping with me for even more cute outfits. We can have so much fun just think just think we can get you a outfit for every day of the week plus all those special occassions.Plus some cute little shoes,socks,panties to go over those diapers you will be wearing lol.Now when i get you all dressed up Mommy is going to take you for a nice ride on the back of her bike just to watch those ruffles flapping in the wind. Mommy Lorraine Mommy Lorraine is here for all of your fantasies and dreams 1-888-430-2010
July 11, 2011

Dream of a Summer Land by: Martha Lavinia Hoffman (1865-1900)

I dream of a land where no thunder-cloud gathers, Where across the calm waters no tempest may sweep And where, while we chill in our bleak wintry weather, The vales in perpetual Summer-time sleep. I dream of a city across whose bright portals The sunbeams are rolling in waves of delight, Where brightness and gladness and joy are immortal, Where there is no darkness, no winter, no night. I dream of a meadow where lilies are growing And fairer than Solomon’s glory arrayed, I dream of a garden where roses are glowing And never a rose or a lily shall fade. I dream of a clime where the palm tree is waving O’er rivers of crystal and pavements of gold, And seraphs amid the bright waters are laving– A realm more serene than the Eden of old. I dream of a song that is ever ascending O, oft of that anthem of joy have I dreamed! To Him who hath loved us be praises unending To Him who from sin unto God hath redeemed. O Summer, bright Summer! my thoughts still are roaming Through thy beautiful day that so lately was mine And now in the gathering shades of thy gloaming I dream of a Summer that knows no decline. ‘Till yonder rude tempest of desolate seeming Is melting before the more real unseen And only the mystery wrought with my dreaming Like a thin veil of gossamer lieth between.  Minnie Come play with me i enjoy all kinds of sexual fantasy play
May 22, 2011

Little Sissy

Ah such a sweet little sissy you are huh,you love being dressed up and diapered and prancing around the house and also up and down the neighborhood showing off those cute little dresses and rumbas you wear.But not always because you want to hehe Its because at times you are a bad sissy and have to be punished and put into your place.That’s because you seem to like explore and go out all on your own which is not a good thing at times now it is.You know Lily knows what is best for you.And that is for you to stay in her nursery as the sissy baby you are and always will be its either that or get punished and you my dear little sweet sissy does not like that type of punishment hmm. Lily As you know Lily is your sensual¬† Mommy and your loving granny she is here for all your needs no matter what they are.
May 16, 2011

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

A poet’s cat, sedate and grave, as poet would wish to have, was much addicted to enquire, for nooks to which she might retire, and where, secure as mouse in chink, she might repose, or sit and think. I know not where she caught her trick, nature perhaps herself had cast her, in such a mold philosophique, or else she learn’d it of her master. Sometimes ascending, debonair, an apple tree or lofty pear, lodg’d with convenience in the fork, she watched the gard’ner at his work; sometimes her ease and solace sought, in an old empty wat’ring pot, there wanting nothing, save a fan, to seem some nymph in her sedan, apparell’d in exactest sort, and ready to be borne in court. William Cowper (1731 – 1800) Lorraine Now as you know mommy lorraine is always here for all your sexual and fantasy needs so give her a call
April 11, 2011

Purple Shoes

I love it when this guy calls me he is such a prissy sissy but no one knows this in his personal life.He calls and wants these assignments that i have him to do and he so enjoys this.Well the other day he calls and we chat for awhile then i ask him now what am i going to do with you this time lol he says i don’t know what do you have in mine. Now needless to say i thought of this because he does love being a little sissy and figured some humilation to play into this also would be fun.So i had him to go and purchase a pair of purple flats and he was to wear them the next day all day to work now gets this he walks most of the time to and from work and lunch and wears this very expensive business suit.Then he was to send me a pic of his cute little shoes. Lorraine
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