June 17, 2013

Making a Special Father’s Day

  Earlier this week Daddy told me we were gonna have some special guests over for Father’s Day – Uncle Mike and Grandpa! You probably remember that in the last coupla months Uncle Mike and Grandpa have both come to visit and both times we had lots of sweet and naughty fun! Daddy told me to make sure that I planned something really special for Father’s Day since they all take such good care of me. And guess what? I came up with the very best plan ever!! I planned the best Father’s Day party ever… a party where Daddy, Uncle Mike, and Grandpa would all get to do their very favorite thing and they could all do it together… PLAY WITH ME!!! Since it’s Father’s Day though, I knew it had to be an extra special kinda play party… something that I know Daddy has wanted to do with me for a long time, but just hasn’t gotten the chance to. I spent a lot of time getting ready… but in the end, it was worth it! You’ll see here…   Love, Lacy 888-430-2010  
February 23, 2013

Special Visit

  This weekend my favorite uncle came to visit – he always knows just how to treat a sweet girl like me. Uncle Mike woke me up Saturday morning by sneaking under the sheets and tickling me under my nightie! I woke up wiggling and giggling and bouncing in my bed hehehehehehe!! Then I got to have a whole weekend of special lil girl and uncle time!! It was just soo much fun. All weekend my Uncle Mike changed my diapey and played fun games with me. He brought me lotsa new clothes like dresses and cute little panties that he let me show off for him. He fed me my favorite babi foods and fed be bottles… he even gave me Uncle Mikes special bottle hehehe!! Of course my very favorite part of the whole visit was when we got to play good girl games! They’re kinda like Daddy’s good girl games, but its so fun because it doesn’t happen so often! I can’t wait till the next time Uncle Mike visits! He makes me feel like such a special adult baby girl!! Not everybody knows how to treat a sweet girl like me! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010  
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