July 8, 2011


Naughty Abies! Seems that you are all acting up these days. Coloring on the walls… Splashes in the bath… Throwing food… Nanny Ella has had enough! Here are the rules: Be Good Listen to Nanny Ella Behave Pretty simple, don’t you think? I will consider any abie that doesn’t follow these rules as naughty as the rest and you know what happens to naughty boys? They are laid across Nanny’s knee, bare-ass and all, and spanked till they cry for mercy. Sometimes further measures are required and Nanny Ella doesn’t hesitate to bring out her special “thermometer” and stick it in up that naughty ones little bottom; or perhaps a nice, strong enema then put into a diaper so I can watch you fill it… imagine, a tight thick diaper over your sore, swollen bottom as you empty your enema into it. Bottom line: Misbehave, and Nanny’s going to have to teach you a lesson, be it an over the knee spanking, or diaper punishment, forcing you to make a messy diaper. Nanny Ella
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