August 17, 2011

Little Sissy Girl

Last night I sat one of the naughtiest little babies that I have ever come across! He kept shouting out no-no words, grabbing at my breasts, and making huge messes in his little diaper!! I tried spanking, time outs, no television, but nothing worked!!!!   It came to the point where I just couldn’t take it any more, so I turned this bratty baby into a little sissy girl, and laughed hysterically at him!!! This punishment sure worked!!! The little sissy baby was dressed up in her little pink bonnet, princess pacifier, pink footsie pajamas, and of course a little pink disposable diaper, with plastic crinkly pants!   I hate to say it, but I had FUN torturing the little sissy baby for being such a brat earlier!!!!   So if you are a naughty baby…this might happen to you if you act up while I babysit you!!!     Nanny Ella 1-888-430-2010
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