January 3, 2014

Think Pink: Sissy Abie Phone Sex

Hello to all you little ABies!  Now I know you all love to be diapered and am more then ready to be taken care of by a Dommy Mommy like me! But you know what else I think? I think that my naughty little Abies, those just like yourself, should wear a pink diaper just like the little sissy that you really are! And don’t you dare get that diaper all messy!  If you do you might find yourself in the timeout corner with a bright red little tush as a result of Mommy’s hand across your naughty bare bottom!   I realize that little ones sometimes need a firm hand to keep them on the straight and narrow, so I am here to make sure you get the discipline you cry out for, though you sometimes don’t truly understand at the moment.  One day you will understand why I must discipline you so, but in the mean time, think pink!     Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010  
November 8, 2013

Two-fer Diapering: Diapered in both Cloth and Disposable

In my travels as an ABDL Mommy, I have coined the phrase ‘Two-fering’ or ‘two-fer diapered/diapering’, or simply ‘two-fered’ as in “you’re going to be two-fered.”  It’s when I place both a cloth diaper and disposable diaper on a little one’s tushie (cloth first, then the disposable over it).   It could be for practical purposes – the cloth diaper used as a sort of soaker or booster of added absorbency.  It could be for the added effect – wanting you to feel the thickness between your legs, making your waddle very predominant and to bring to the fore ground that you are indeed an adult baby.  Or it could be a tool for punishment – forcing you to wear such a thickness in public so there are no doubts as to your wearing a diaper, forcing you to soak both beyond capacity, leaving you leaking and sagging and over all very “uncomfortable” and rethinking your little transgression that has place you in this predicament in the first place.   Now before you think, oh that’s not too bad, ponder this little tidbit:  the number of actual cloth diapers and disposable diapers can fluctuate; from a simple 1:1 ratio to a much higher one – say 10:1 or even 3:2 ratio. As you can now tell, two-fering doesn’t refer to number of diapers you have on; it refers to the two types of diapers you have on!     So, are you ready to be “two-fered”?   Lexus 1.888.430.2010
October 11, 2013

Lap Time for my Adult Babies

Well it seems that many of you baby’s are getting might comfy in mommy’s lap. I must admit the feel of those cold bare bottoms on my thighs makes me blush. But only for a second, then it is my turn to make you blush! I would hate to think that there are a few naughty little ones out there that will, once again, be lying over mommy’s knee getting a spanking – it turns those cool cream colored buns into such burning red ones( oh nooo…I would just HATE that, LOL!).   For my good little tikes, well if you crave a little paddling that’s fine too, no reason to keep you from bending over for me is there! I can tell you are already daydreaming of what I have in store for you aren’t you! Well stop dreaming and let me bring a taste of reality into your diapy. Remember, I always know what is lurking in your mind. So lets open that Pandora’s Box and have a little fun shall we.     Cum play with me, Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
September 12, 2013

Playing Dress Up

You try and not to think about it…what it would feel like; but it seeps into your thoughts at the oddest of moments: standing in line at the grocery store; in the meeting at work; listening to you mom on the phone as she updates you as to the latest family news and gossip.  Try as you might, you still can’t stop thinking about how good it would feel to get all dressed up like a little girl – and not just any little girl, but as an Abie girl.  Even though this hunger plagues both your conscious and subconscious thoughts, you haven’t quite found the courage to do act upon then on your own…yet.  This is why you come to me.  You look to me to give you that needed nudge into Abie girl-hood.   Don’t worry my wayward little one; I will make you into the sweet pretty little ABie girl that we have both wanted. As I guide you down the road to becoming a fully fledged Aby girl, you will find yourself strangely submitting to my wishes, my commands, one calculated step at a time. And in a fleeting moment you look back at the path you have be lead down, and you and realize you have lost all self control, all forms of your former identity, because I have snatched it all away from you, replacing your will with mine.     Come play dress up with Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
July 18, 2013

Fetish Vacation Tailored for You

Seeing how we are deep into summer vacation time, I was thinking…Wouldn’t it be nice to go on vacation and just spend the whole entire time being who you crave to be, and do what ever you want to do, fetish wise? You could strut around in your diaper and plastic panties, your rhumba panties and sweet little dresses, your onesies with your plushy in tow.  You could drink from your bottle, take a nap in cribs…everything you could imagine. Instead of maid service, you would have tuck-in service; instead of dinner tables and chairs, there would be highchairs; instead of waitresses there would nannies and sitters who would get you in your high chair, get your bib on, and feed you.  And you wouldn’t be alone – there would be others around who would be into the same thing that you were, like a giant play party!   Maybe someday someone will open up a resort that not only caters to other fetishes besides BDSM, but is geared towards the every growing ABDL community.  When that happens (and have faith that it will), I will SO be there! Lexus 1.888.430.2010
May 24, 2013

Shopping with my Adult Baby

It was so much fun shopping the Adult Baby furniture store online with the baby.  We decided on an adorable play pen and matching changing table (they will custom stain them to match – how nice of them!!).   Now Mommy won’t have to put the baby on his bed to change him.  I can hardly wait to see him in his playpen.  He already has many toys to play with.  He has a toy monkey that was one of his first animal friends.   Next month we are going to shop for more.  His dreams are to turn his bedroom into the perfect ABDL nursery.  Our next purchase is going to be a rocking chair so Mommy can rock him to sleep.   I’d be glad to help you with your redecorating too!     Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
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