June 18, 2012

ABDL Mommy Sara is in Complete Control!

  I know you long to think that you are a bigboi, but you are Such a Baby. I know you think that you should be able to use the big persons potty, but you are Such a Baby. I know you dont like to be nursed in front of Mommy’s friends, but your ABDL Mommy Sara is in Complete Control of her abie. You act like Such a Baby, now go on and make in your diaper so Mommy can change it! Yes, in front of Mommy’s friends, stop acting like Such a Baby!   I know you want Mommy all to your self and get jealous of Mommy’s gentlemen callers, yet you are just a Big Baby. I know you want to be Mommy’s only man in her life, but still you are nothing but a Baby. I know you don’t like watching Mommy in bed with her Gentlemen Friends, but hush baby, don’t whine, my my you are Such a Sissy Baby. You worry Mommy will get pregnant, but don’t you worry you will always be Mamma’s Baby.   Now of course you are Mommies Baby, yes a Mommies Baby Boy from now and for all eternity. You are under ABDL Mommy Sara’s in Complete Control, whether you know it or not and no matter how hard you try to act like a big boy, you will always just be Such a Baby! Mommy Sara 1_888_430_2010 YIM phonemommysara  
December 23, 2011

Sissy Training at Phone a Mommy

  Mizz. Rebecca wants to make certain you will be a pretty sissy for Christmas this year. I like for my sissy to look presentable for the Holidays and is why it is pertinent to have your Sissy Training at Phone a Mommy Today! The Holidays are here and are you prepared? Is your body as smooth as an aby’s bottom? Is your hair silky and styled just right? Is your make-up impeccably done?  Are you prepared to entertain and serve? As a Sissy you have a long list to get through and it is best that you receive the help you need. I have a feeling you might find yourself unprepared and is why you need to call for your Sissy Training at Phone a Mommy with Mizz Rebecca today! Don’t get caught with your skirt up and your panties not matching. It could be most humiliating!   Mizz Rebecca 1*888*430*2010
December 3, 2011

I Want To Be Your Phone A Mommy Angel

When you think of all the wonderful Mommies, Aunties, Sitters, Baby Girls, Grannies, Daddies and Baby Boys here at Phone A Mommy what do you think?  I myself tend to see us all as an ABDL and Sissy’s Guardian Angels.  The reason I think this way is because even when we are not in contact with you, we think of you.  We wonder how your day is going, how the problems you told us about are turning out for you. If you are being good and following instructions that you may have been given by one of us, and even if you are well and not ill in anyway. We get to know each and every one of you so very well.  We have been speaking to a lot of you since 2005, and that my dear ones is a very long time to have any type of relationship, no matter the dynamic.  Some of you are not under my care but are also someone I consider a friend, because of all the secrets we share.  And all of us here accept you for whom you are.  We understand and try our best to make you feel comfortable and endugle you in all your little kinks and whims. We lovingly diaper you, coddle you, speak to you, sing you songs, listen when you have a bad day, and pay attention to you.  Now some of you can be a bit on the naughty side, and that’s alright as well.  Because when you care for someone there are times where you must discipline them so they do not stray off the path too far.  As you can see from all I said; us here at Phone A Mommy fit into what I consider to be Angelic in nature and deed. Wanting To Be Your Angel Mommy, Lauren 888.430.2010
October 30, 2011

back into diapers and locking plastic pants

I can think of bunches of reasons to coax a man into diapers and to lock him into adult diapers for a period of time. It’s one of my very favorite roleplays. I was just talking to this big baby not too long ago who had to be swayed back in diapers. He was a big sissy who kept teasing other diaper lovers. I’d had enough of him teasing other people when he himself really needed to be in pinkdiapers and locking plastic panties. The sissybaby tried to tell me he was big and didn’t even need the diapers. When I started to scold him though for his behavior he soaked his pants. I told him that he wasn’t a very big if a simple scolding from his Domme led to him filling his pants like a big aby. I made him turn on his cam and show me his soaked pants. He looked so pitiful standing there exposed and soaking. I just had to capture some screen shots of the weewee pant wearing sissy aby. Then he really got my attention, he started to cry. I told him unless he wanted all of the other mommies and sitters to see his w*t pants he’d get his diapers and the plastic panties that I knew he had. You can guess what sissy aby wore to bed last night can’t you? Yep, he wore thick cloth adult diapers and locking plastic pants. Domme Mommy Scarlet 888*430*2010  
July 24, 2011

Sissy Becomes You!

  Most of my callers want to find their feminine side. They long to become my sissy and treated like the delicate boi they are. They enjoy being dolled up and regressed, told of all the things females do and taught how to act and how to look. Others want to become fully submissive and have me treat them like a little sissy slut. Some want to be my complete cuckold slave and denied pleasure and used for demoralizing chores and humiliated. Whichever their pleasure I am always happy to oblige. I love to dress them in frilly little outfits, teach them to shave, paint their nails; do up their hair and make-up. I make them perform acts for my guest, pleasure my boyfriends, they so enjoy being exposed and performing sissy acts. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to watch my sissy sub come to my devious demands! Do you need lessons on how to become a sissy wench? Then Call Mizz. Rebecca for your lesson now! 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402    
June 11, 2011

A Lesson in Sissy Squealing!

Quiet down class! Now today’s lesson is for the Sissyboiz . I would like to have Lindsey come to the front along with Michael. Now we all remember from picture day that Michael had been apparently short changed in his biological appendages. Since his equipment is pretty much useless, he needs to learn his new role in life. Michael from today forward will now be called Michelle, and the first step will be to transform him into his new persona. Next step will be voice lessons, sissy squealing. This is where Lindsey and my Strap-on that you see here displayed on the mannequin will come in. Now everyone else take a seat and pay attention, for there are a few more in this class that are in the same position as our Michelle is. Are you like Michael, aka Michelle? Were you too cheated out of your manhood? Do you feel as though Life has played a bad joke on you? Are you unsure what your role in life should be since your equipment is worthless? Call me your Domme, I will help you to find out where you belong and how you can still be of service. 

Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402  
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