November 13, 2010

My World, My Rules

Ouch! That would hurt now wouldn’t it. Although I am certain many of you fantasize about having a Women take charge, long to have me to control your minuscule little world and make all your decisions for you from this point forward. But the question is, How serious are you? Can you handle the pain I will inflict upon you? Are you really willing to serve in any and every way possible? This means giving up total control to me and all your finances as well. If you are ready to live in my World then prove it! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
August 6, 2010


Not always a good thing, especially if your caught in a compromising situation. But it does make it that much more exciting! Are you easily tempted? Do you have a hard time resisting? A hard time with self discipline? Perhaps you need some training? Some lessons in self control, learning how to please a women like me as opposed to self gratification! Yes, that is exactly what you need, over due in fact, so hurry and call your first denial session awaits. Sara 1 888 430 2010
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