October 28, 2013

diapered in my dungeon

  Such a lowly little dl slave. diapered in my dungeon are you ready to be a good sub for your mistress Crissy? If I wish you know I can inflict punishment you will never forget. Begging me for your suffering will do no good to delay the inevitable. Do follow order’s next time and I will keep my paddle in the pain cabinet. I can see you are ready to break about time. Now take that filthy diaper off and change yourself, you do not deserve to be in  your mistress’s presence any longer ,smelling horrendous!   Crissy 1*888*430*2010
January 22, 2012

ABDL Mommy Star

Nobody can make aby feel more safe and relaxed than his ABDL Mommy can. No worries, no rules, no limits. Am I wrong though? You can trust your Mommy with just about anything you wish. I love being a Mommy. It’s the best job in the world. Helping my Aby’s with all their aby needs. Changing their diapers, washing their bottoms, feeding them their bottles. Sometimes baby will have a little stiffy when I change him. It’s so cute because he starts to giggle when I play with it. Yes thats right,  I take care of ALL of my little Aby’s desires. It’s my job as a Mommy to make sure every part of baby is preforming at its best. Even his pee pee! Oh yes. This is a very important part of a Abys body. I make sure my Aby’s know how to pleasure and satisfy a woman. Learning all the right places to touch and please her.  You can have lots of practice with your Mommy. She can tell you all the secrets so you can use them for yourself. So should we get started with our first lesson? You know what they say.. ABDL Mommy knows best! Mommy Star 888-430-2010
December 4, 2010

I heart diapers

I really love my diapers. It just had me thinking today. When I don’t get to wear them I am thinking about wearing them. Most of the time I get to though. So when I have to wear underwear it’s no good at all for little diaper boy. If I am in underwear I am worrying if I will pee my pants and leak, even though I am pretty good at not doing that. It’s a worry and I feel so much safer in thick comfy diapers. DL Louie
November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The house smells wonderful and your family and/or friends are near for the holidays. Oh and there are football games and parades. Then after a day of gobbling up turkey and all of the fixings you can go out at ungodly hours and fight people for super low prices right? Just don’t you get into any trouble out there shopping or you’ll have a new Thanksgiving memory of Mommy taking care of business. Let’s hope the holiday spirit has you all on your best behavior. Happy Thanksgiving, Mommy Lexus
November 5, 2010

Stay Warm

Do you like relaxing in front of the fire as much as I do? It’s so soothing and relaxing just hearing it crackle and smelling the wonderful smell. Right now my house smells like pine (Incense) and just like a fresh fire. I could get your diaper on you and snuggle with you while we read a book together. How does that sound? I bet your tired little eyes would fall shut and Mommy would have to tuck you in right there. Momma Shirley
October 30, 2010

Paddle hard!

These shorts made me think of some of the babies I talk to. A lot of them just fuss and whine and need to be spanked or paddled. Usually when I take them over my knee or make them bend over a chair and lay down the law so to speak they straighten up and it’s all yes Daddy and sorry Daddy. Maybe if they had to waltz around in these shorts for awhile they’d know I had a clear visual of how to handle their sassy butts. Besides that, they’re cute. Daddy Paul
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