February 11, 2014

bdsm mom

I wear many hat’s other than dominatrix, at time’s I am a bdsm mom. Jerald like’s to be restrained with ziptie’s and flogged as he mess’s his diaper, He is such an interesting little ab he has a ritual of calling me and asking if he has any ab assignment’s before he see’s me for our session. He take’s everything I demand of him very seriously and even write’s in a little black book about his adventure’s while he complete’s his task’s. I told him to wet in public and ask the nearest pretty mommy if he can borrow a diaper if she said no he had to take a picture of her reaction to him and send it too me.   He did this and the mommy was so offended she decked him that will make him think twice before bothering mommy while she shop’s.     Veronika 1*888*430*2010
February 15, 2012

Slumber party fun!

Come & have after valentine’s day slumber party fun with Mommy Crissy one of the many sexy mommy‘s here. I can not wait to turn your fantasy into reality. We can play and laugh and dance and sing absolutely anything . There is no limits to what we will discover about each other ! I will wrap you in a nice snuggly blankie we will have storytime and mommy will make sure your diaper is changed and you have nice good smelling powder on your bottom then the real call 1*888*430*2010 fun can begin…anything goes my dear so have no fear and be my valentine my A b of mine!            
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