July 30, 2012


So you prance and dance around the room waiting for the special time that you get to spend with your special person it doesn’t matter if they show up late because you are just so excited to see them.And when the door bell rings you wet yourself.You pause not sure what to do now because you were told before hand that you had better have a nice clean dry diaper on.So you go ahead and ease the lock open and turn the door nob slowly opening the door up you raise your eyes to meet that special person you had been waiting for all day and now your face turns bright red its not like they haven’t seen you in a diaper before but oh my now what will you do they look into your face and they know that you have done something bad so now what you open the door up even more so and they walk on into the room turning facing you. You can’t look at them can you.Now the waiting begins to see what will happen You got all dressed up in that adorable pastel pink ruffled dress with the lace around the hem and the bonnet looks so cute with those curls coming out of it with the cute little ruffle and lacy socks to match those mary jane shoes.So now what ?? Doris 1-888-430-2010 Wanting to have some  sissy fun i would love to play with you
May 21, 2012

Sissy Maid

  A little story as to why Jonathan was turned into a Sissy Maid.   Jonathan, my long time roomie had come home late again from work rambling on about yet another terrible day. He hasn’t really ever fit in there; I have harped on him over and over to find another job. He works with a group of very Dominant ladies and he; well Jonathan has always been a bit of a pansy. Apparently they had given him such a hard time for not fulfilling his quota again and he wet his pants right in front of them all claimed he was so humiliated that he waited for everyone to leave before he dared to walk out to his car.   I have warned him time and again that he cannot man up that I would have to take some drastic measures in order to help him. So I have decided today is the day to set my plan in motion.  When he awoke I had gathered some items that I purchased the day before and had them lied out. I had a bag of Pink Pampers Adult size of course, a pair of pink rhumba panties, a frilly matching Pink Dress, along with a satiny white pinafore.   He fought with me a bit stating he had to get to work that he would be late and did not want to participate in my making him into an Adult Baby Girl, but being the Sissy he is it didn’t take much for me to sway him into obliging me. And I reassured him that I had already spoke with his Boss Mizz Rebecca and that she knew he would be running late. Once I got him all dolled up I must say that Jonathan now Josephine was as pretty a sissy I could have ever imagined.   Now it was time to bring Jonathan to work, he looked as though he must have wet himself (thank goodness he was diapered) as he protested the thought of even walking out of the house in his new Sissy Maids Dress. I took some time to calm him, changed his adult diaper and feed him a soothing bottle while I explained to him that he had a new position at work and that I think he would be most pleased.  That Mizz Rebecca along with the other Dominant Ladies he works with Mizz Ava, Mizz Morgan and Mizz Maggy just to name a few were all looking forward to making life at work a little easier on him and that they were promising to keep him very busy and useful in his new position (as a Sissy Maid hehehe) would be perfect for him! He no longer had quotas to fill, he would be given a job that fit him, one he could truly excel in and that he wouldn’t ever have to worry about making such a mess in his pants now that he is in Adult Diapers. Josephine (as […]
August 8, 2011

Prissy Sissy

Oh he wanted to dress like a sissy so bad he moaned and groaned for weeks about it.He just didn’t know what kind of sissy he wanted to be so we talked and talked it over and so i told him we could dress him up just like the little girlie sissy he so wanted to be and if he wanted more then we could add that also.Shopping with these little sissy was a blast she sure knew about what she wanted she loved all of the pastel colors we came across from one shop to another we went then we popped into this one like a hole in corner little shop and there it stood out the most perfect outfit just made for these sissy.Got the sales lady to show us the dressing room and she tried the whole outfit on.It was a perfect fit so i ask her if this is what she wanted she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said yes granny.So i went and paid for the outfit and went back to the dressing room and told her to change into her other clothes she had worn in here with eyes still with tears in them she said can i please wear it home i looked at her face and told her sure it was all hers and paid for.She walked out of that little shop like she had won a million bucks.Now my sweet little sissy is very happy. Silvie 1-888-430-2010 For all of your sexual and nasty fantasies i am here
August 2, 2011

sissies in diapers

Why do you think it is that there are so many sissies who are in diapers? Why do you think so many sissy boys wet their pants and even their sissy panties? I don’t know the answer but I know there are an awfully lot of sissies in diapers out there. I love my sissy babies and understand that sometimes (maybe even a lot of times) you simply get so excited that you pee pee in your panties or in your boy pants. Sissies need special attention and Mommy knows just what to give them. I have a diaper with your name on it Sissy Baby are you ready to get put in your diaper? Mommy Shirley
March 29, 2011

Sissy baby in diapers

Whenever Mommy gets a new sissy baby to play with I just love to have a little baby shower for all of my like minded girlfriends. Traditionally mommies to be just have a shower with the first baby. In my abdl experiences though ladies enjoy these ab showers so much it makes sense to have one for each little ab. So when one of us gets a new sissy baby in our lives we like to get together and play games and buy gifts for the new bundle of sissy joy. Most babies don’t get to go to their baby shower. With the ones I have not only does baby go, but the sissy baby is part of the entertainment. Everyone just loves to see the sissy baby in diapers. Mommy Shirley
August 12, 2010

My little Bitch!

My newest little fuck whore is always ready to please, Baby Sirena is quit the obiedinet little pet. She is always dressed up like the slut she is, well padded with her multiple diapers and ready to be my fuck slave! I fuck her little pussy Hard! She loves to scream for me, and of course I make her Beg for it! She keeps her Mommy Cali cumming all night, she knows just how to use that tounge on my sweet pussy and I love giving her the ultimate facial! Cali 1 888 430 2010
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