July 20, 2011

Sissy Baby Jay

I had such a good time with Baby Jay last night.  We played in our diapers and sang songs together, and then took turns changing each others diapers.  I just love being a baby but sometimes I like being a mommy too and taking care of other adult babies.  I dressed baby Jay up like a little sissy baby and made him go outside to splay in his little pink baby doll dress and rumba panties.  Baby Jay started crying and then made a big mess in his diapers and everyone started teasing him and calling him a little poopy baby girl.  Tehehehe I had so much fun.   Baby Betsy 888-430-2010
November 20, 2010

Thankgiving Treats

Next week is a short week next week for me because of Thanksgiving. Since I do not have to cook anything this year I’m going to have some time to myself to be a baby. I’ve got my diapers and some cute footed jammies waiting for me come Wednesday night. Maybe some of my favorite daddies will call and give me some assignments too. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Eat turkey and treats and if you can treat yourself to some baby or diaper time too. Little Louie
September 12, 2010

Clean and Happy

As usual I was playing the role of and abie the other day and had a request for me to make a messy in my diaper. It is not my usual type thing to do but made the most of it. After I was done daddy put me on the changing table and seemed to be happy I had done as requested. He wiped me off and told me to go get in the bath he had prepared and washed me clean from head to toe. Dried me off and re diapered my bare bottom. Put me on his lap read me a story and put me in the bed to cuddle till we drifted off to a great nights sleep. Louie
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