July 2, 2015

Sissy Training With Mommy Candy

Dommy Mommy Candy just updated your craiglist ad. Pretty soon sissy boys and men of all shapes and sizes are about to show up at your door to use you for their pleasure. So make sure you put on that sexy little sissy outfit Mommy laid out on your bed for you. You know the one, the pink satin baby doll dress with the matching rumba panties. Oh look there’s the doorbell! You better hurry my sissy cock whore. Call Mommy Candy for your sissy training today!    
December 3, 2013

bdsm diaper sissy

  Diaper sissy need’s a spanking stomping like that in the store. Just because Mistress mommy is not agreeing to you demanding a new dress does not give you any right to act out. You heard me either straighten up or I will take you over my knee right here in front of everyone and they will watch as I punish you. That is much better little one mommy is very proud of you now maybe we can see about getting you a new dress.  Want it to have puffy sleeve’s like the one you are wearing? Very well we will get it for you now ok take it up there now to the lady at the register.   Veronika 1*888*430*2010
June 21, 2013

Super to Fairy

There was once this  fellow that truly believed he was the hero infact a super hero but one day he met his match.You ask who could that possibly be well he decided he would try his tricks on me but so didn’t work as he soon found out. I talked him into coming over to my house since he had moved in the neighborhood he came in all innocent like i had made a nice pitcher of tea he did seem to be very thirsty moving all those boxes and etc. As soon as he drank half of his tall glass of iced tea he started getting sleepy so i told him he could rest in my bed so i helped him into the bedroom and by the time i got him on the bed out he was like a light then i proceeded to undress him haha and redress him into a adorable fairy outfit.Soon he woke up and he was not happy dressed as a fairy but i soon popped a pacifer in his open mouth and he was all agreeable swinging and singing a cute little fairy song i had for him.Maybe the next time i see another hero or wantabe i will make him into a diaper sissy. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
April 30, 2013

Mommy’s Pretty Sissy Boi

Someone is in alot of trouble!  That’s right, Mommy heard you’ve been a naughty ABy.  I’m usually a sweet, doting Mommy, but I’ve told you what happens to naughty ABies.  A sound spanking and this darling new outfit should be just the ticket for you.  Don’t act embarassed and shy, you don’t have a choice in this matter! Now that I’ve got you all dressed up like my Pretty Boi, it’s time for a nice walk downtown.  Be sure not to scuff those white patent leather dress shoes! Mommy loves to show off her pretty sissy ABy!  Hold my hand and be sure to curtsy nicely to folks who stop to stare.  That’s a good Boi! Let everyone see what a lacy sissy you are. A quick stop in Mommy’s favorite Salon to get your hair and nails done.  And, I think, to complete your new look….some waxing. I can’t wait to tell you how hard the girls in the Salon laughed when I paraded you in. Wouldn’t you love to know what happened after we laid you, spread eagle, on the waxing table?  Call me so I  can tell you about every humiliating moment! Sara 1-888-430-2010
February 10, 2013

Come here baby, get into Mommy’s lap. I have lots of sweet warm milk to fill my Adult Baby boy’s belly.Mommy’s breasts are large and full. You can see the milk starting to dribble out and run down the underside, down to my stomach. Come closer and wrap your lips around my large nipple. As soon as you do, you can feel the milk squirt into your waiting mouth, filling your belly. And soon you feel something else happening. And we both know what happens once you start sucking on mommy’s nipples don’t we? But that’s ok. Mommy knows just what to do to make it all better. Call soon baby. Mommy’s tits are full for you. ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
November 11, 2012

Oh my dear, it is time that you come to a few realizations. You know exactly what I am talking about don’t you? Your just a sissy AB boy who belongs in diapers, rhumba panties and pretty dresses. You have tried being a man, you tried so hard. But it is just no use. Between your small penis and your love of all things frilly, lacy and pink, we all know that you are not a real man. That is where Mommy comes in. All the other women laugh at you. They want nothing to do with you. But not Mommy. I know exactly what you need. You need a strong woman who will take over your life and take care of you. I will keep you in diapers, permanently. I will also keep you dressed up, my beautiful sissy in pink and frills. You know THIS is where you belong. Right here with Mommy in your sissy diapers. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
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