January 14, 2012

A special Phone a Mommy Thanks

This is just a blog wanting to express my true appreication for all my callers. I truely love each and everyone of you! People think this is just a job, but I love being a Phone a Mommy, the truth is I truely make a connection with my callers. I love the roleplays, getting to know your unique individual personalities, and I have a strong urge to nurture you. I wanted to take a moment to let you know I care and enjoy our calls and our freindship we have established, thanks for allowing me to make a living at something I love, it wouldnt be possible without each of you. To all my special adultbabies, I hope I bring to you enjoyment, happiness, fond, long lasting memories, and a warm loving touch that only a Phone a Mommy can bring! Always Your Mommy Sara 1*888*430*2010
August 14, 2011

adult diaper debate

So the diaper debate continues, everyone wants to know what the best diaper is. Some are fiercely loyal to using cloth diapers and plastic pants while others will not use anything other than a disposable adult diaper. Then once you decide between cloth and disposable what brand is the best? Which diaper holds the most? Which adult diaper is the most comfortable? What adult diaper is the cutest? That’s why there are so many different kinds of diaper honey; everyone is looking for their perfect diaper. As long as your diaper is good for you, it’s the best you can have. I don’t mind if my babies prefer a certain diaper; I just want them diapered. So keep your wet and messy tushies in whatever makes you happy. Mommy will be just fine with it. Mommy Lizabeth
May 16, 2011

diapering Daddy

You’ll never believe what I caught Daddy doing. I had my diaper bag sitting out on the table when I stopped over the other night. When I came back in the room two of the diapers were missing. There were only four in there, it was pretty easy to keep up with them. Then I heard something crinkling in the bathroom. I acted like I didn’t hear it and I walked right into the bathroom to find my big Daddy playing with the diapers. I think the neighbors could have heard me laughing as I told him I thought he was a big man, not a baby. Then I made him get all of his clothes off and I stuck him in diapers right there. I told him that I needed some more practice changing them and he was going to be my little diapered baby. I couldn’t believe how hard Daddy got when I said this. It was pretty awesome to diaper him and make him use his diapers. He didn’t really have a choice since I had snapped some pics of him playing with them. Daddy made such a good baby for me, he was perfect. Samantha
May 14, 2011

abie for a weekend

If you’re curious about how it could be enjoyable to be Mommy’s baby for her and to wear diapers I invite you to try it for one weekend. Let me baby you and give you instructions on what to do for 48 hours of your life and see how you feel. A good majority of curious abies would be forever babies if they pushed and did the weekend of it to see how they enjoyed it. Get your diapers and bottles and then talk with me and see just how nice it is to let go of everything. It’ll do you some good sugar, to just enjoy yourself for a little while I can understand that you may be nervous, but the worst thing that will happen is you won’t like it and then you can go back to the way you were and know that it isn’t for you. Mommy Lizabeth
April 2, 2011

diapered adult sissies

Just how wet are your diapers my sissy baby? Are they a little damp, are they soaked? Oh my are you leaking out of your diaper? Or has my sissy baby gone and messed their diaper? Is that your poopy diaper that Daddy smells? I can tell from your giggle that it’s probably messy and it’s time for daddy to check it so come to daddy sissy boy and let me see just what kind of shape your diaper is in. You know I love to change your wet and messy adult diapers for you and I know you love the special attention Daddy gives you too! Daddy Paul
February 12, 2011

diapered abys

I got to be the big brother to Little AB Cali, I love love love getting to play with hers. Daddy helped me change her diaper and feed her too. It made me a little nervous because she’s such a tiny girl and I wouldn’t want to hurt my cute sissy. Her giggling made me blush and so did Daddy’s voice when he called me Baby Louie boy. It was so much fun though. We both behaved and made Daddy very proud of us. Would you like to be our Daddy sometime? Louie
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