September 18, 2014

Mommy is Listening

My dear sweet little abie let’s talk. You might think that you’re about to get away with something. I just wanted to let you know that Mommy is listening. I heard you sneak into my room, and find the key to your locking plastic panties. I know all about your private time you took without permission. Mommy purposefully let you know where the key was to temp you. It was sitting there waiting for you to mess up. Do you remember what I said would happen if you touched it without my permission? I’ll put it this way, next time you won’t find the key. Mommy might not even find it. Even if you are outside, in a messy wet diaper and all of the neighbors can smell you, and laugh.   Mommy Scarlet 1.888.430.2010 YIM:phonemommyscarlet      
June 4, 2012

Diaper Locks

So you show up at my door with a messy, wet diaper and want it changed who do you really think is going to do that not me.Infact i have something so much better than a diaper change i have  brand new diaper locks that i will fix you up with that way that diaper can not be changed unless i say so. Plus i am not in the mood to be changing your diaper you didn’t ask ahead of time if i would did you all you did was show and cry i need my diaper changed so get into the bedroom i am going to put these diaper locks on you and you can sit in this messy diaper until i decide you need it changed maybe i will then call mommy Lauren to change it for you or mommy Rebecca just never know which one might agree to it. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
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