February 10, 2018

Diaper Humiliation For The ABDL

You’ve misbehaved again, and that means that you’ll need to be punished. A little phone sex diaper punishment is exactly what you need, and it is what you will get! You have been fussing and whining all day long, being a very bratty little abdl, and I have had more than enough of that.  You are still talking about being a big boy, but a big boy doesn’t have to wear a diaper, now does he? You do, though.  I put just enough laxative in your bottle of milk so that you won’t be able to control yourself at all, sweetie.  You are going to make an absolute filthy poopy mess of yourself, and I will be there to laugh, tease, and mock you for thinking that you had a chance of taking your diapers off at all!  Some diaper phone sex humiliation is exactly what you need…how about you call me so that I can give you what you deserve?  Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy   #diaperpunishment #diaperhumiliation #abdlphonesex
July 6, 2016

Diaper Pee Pee Boy

Well Well it’s about time for some diaper discipline phone sex. You thought you could go around and pee and wet the bed every day without me noticing didn’t you? Thinking you’re slick by putting your sheets at the bottom of the laundry basket well don’t you know i have to dump that basket right into the laundry and it always shows up at the top of the laundry basket! So every time I dump it into the laundry I see all of those pee covered sheets you do know that right? So now I’m going to eliminate that problem all together and just put you back in diapers like you should of been in the first place. I threw out all your undies and replaced them with diapers so you can just pee in your diapers from now on like a big adult baby phone sex lover. Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #peepeediaperboy #diaperdiscipline diaperphonesex
October 7, 2012

Whipping ABy

Now I have told you countless times—when mommy says no playing with yourself it means NO playing with yourself! I’m not sure what could possibly be confusing about that statement, but once again I walked into your room this morning to find you in bed, legs spread, hands down the front of your underwear, pumping away! And what did you do when I walked in? You locked eyes with me and groaned as you shot your load inside your undies. Your eyes rolled back and I could see your cock twitching as those last few drops oozed out. “Get your ass out of bed right now. We’re gonna do this till you learn how to behave.” Still glassy eyed, you slide out of bed, you cock hanging limp. I pull you into my bedroom and push you down on the bed. I yank your underwear off and push a big thick diaper underneath you. Once I have you diapered snugly, I pull you down to the kitchen and fill your diaper with ice. Finally you come out of your daze and you start crying and whining, hopping around from one foot to the other. “Now bend over the table.” I drag the reed across the back of your shaking thighs, “Now count each one,” I whip the reed against your thighs, a bright red line blooms where it bit you “One!” you sob. This has to be the tenth time this month. Sooner or later you’ll learn to resist playing with yourself. Mommy Liz 1.888.430.2010
May 9, 2012

Celebrate your ABDL Mommy

Does everyone know what this Sunday is?  It’s Mother’s Day – the one day a year that celebrates that very special lady in your life – your ABDL Mommy.  The lady who has diapered and powdered that cute little tushie of yours; the lady who has held you close in her arms and fed you so gently at her bosom; the lady who has shown you your true self (even though some of you would deny it emphatically), celebrating that very fact, sharing it with all her other lady friends; and yes, the lady who has shown you right from wrong with over the knee spankings and various other forms of punishments.   After all who, if not your AB Mommy, would care so much about your well-being? Who would show up at your place of business, your school or where ever you may be, with a diaper bag in hand, ready to change that diaper that so desperately needs changing?  Your ABDL Mommy, that’s who.   Yes, it is the day to show your AB Mommy that you love and appreciate all that she has done for you, so let her sleep in, make her breakfast in bed, and maybe she’ll let you climb in under the covers with her so you can show her how very much you love and appreciate her.     Lexus
November 6, 2010

Cuddling Time

Well my fellow abies Halloween has past and the temperature has started dropping. So lets put on our footed pajamas our warmest blanket and find our nearest and dearest mommy,or daddy, and lets get to snuggling. You can hop on their lap or cuddle up with them on the couch or bed. Because no baby want to be left alone and cold. So on the count of three find your favoritist mommy and get to cuddling up. Ready 1……..2……3. Louie
September 24, 2010

forced in diapers

Uh oh some my little sissy is in the terrible two’s. You didn’t think Mommy would find your diaper that you ripped off and hid behind the bookcase, but my nose led me to it. Now do you see the panties Momma has for you? They are light pink with a shiny silver heart shaped lock. No diaper freedom for you sissy boy. Now don’t you cry, I’ll take it off to change you but otherwise, in diapers you will be. Mommy Shirley
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