January 13, 2013


I’ve been working really hard on my diapering technique. I got lots of new dollies for Christmas that I’ve been practicing on and sometimes I even change my own diaper! But now what I really need is some ABies to practice on. Of course when I change my dollies, they don’t really have any messies in their diapers, but I pretend they do anyway and wipe them and even put a little lotion on them. My diapers are always pretty messy though! Or at least really wet teehee!! Daddy says I still make too much of a mess when I change my own diaper, but I think if I got some more practice with other ABies. Come over for a play date so I can practice on you. I’ll put you in a new diaper when you come over, and then when you messy in your diaper I’ll clean it up! The messier the diaper, the more fun it is to change! And I like to make sure the lotion gets rubbed in reeallly good hehehe! I think my diapering technique is gonna be perfect pretty soon! kissies, Cali 1.888.430.2010
February 12, 2011

diapered abys

I got to be the big brother to Little AB Cali, I love love love getting to play with hers. Daddy helped me change her diaper and feed her too. It made me a little nervous because she’s such a tiny girl and I wouldn’t want to hurt my cute sissy. Her giggling made me blush and so did Daddy’s voice when he called me Baby Louie boy. It was so much fun though. We both behaved and made Daddy very proud of us. Would you like to be our Daddy sometime? Louie
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