May 30, 2013

Stinky Britches

Oh i smell something that is not so good i wonder what it could be hmm may have to do a really good search of the room to find it but i will baby knows i always find what ever it is stinking up this nice clean room.I wonder and look from one corner to the next i hear some giggling come from the corner of the sofa i dart my eyes toward the giggling knowing its you stinky britches i smile to myself  we always end up playing this game don’t we especially when you make messes in those nice clean diapers i try to keep on you.I pretend i am searching  really hard to find that smell you  look away and i grab you laughing right along with you. Oh what fun it is to play the game of hid-and-seek stinky diaper change Minnie 1.888.430.2010
March 31, 2013

Painted toes

Like running your toes thru things like mud,water, oil,paints just anything you find those toes run right for it.Well you always seem to be a little sneaky about it don’t you lol or you try anyways but always get caught especially when you try and sneak in the back door with those colored feet of yours that you have painted different colors and go sneaking down the hall with that soggy  diaper what a site you were i couldn’t help but laugh i know you didn’t think it was funny getting caught but it was just you looked so funny sneaking down the hall looking like nothing is up laughing But after i got you all cleaned up you found out just what happens to naughty young ones that messes up my floors after i have just mopped tisk tisk bad  but i know just the thing to do with you now don’t i hmmm,  especially since you had sneaked into the garage and found my house paint didn’t think that i would see how you just happened to also paint my walkway and driveway with those colored feet and toes of yours ah you just think you are just getting by with it don’t ya, nope not happening at all Minnie 1.888.430.2010OK
October 25, 2012

Halloween Dress Up

Oh yes its my favorite time of the year well one of them anyways time to dress up and scare people out of their shoes. But you my dear will not be doing that this year,this year since you have been such a naughty and bad one you will go just as i say.With those diapers tucked very nicely around that butt but with lots of extra padding to make sure everyone knows what is under that costume of yours.You got it i want all your friends to know and wonder what is under there.Then when work day comes around again all you will hear is the snickering and laughing that those friends and coworkers will do.And it will all be aimed at you sissy wimp. Victoria 1.888.430.2010
July 11, 2012

Tinkle Tinkle

Someone tinkled their diaper now what is Doris going to do with you.Maybe put you in the bed and let you sleep in ththat wet diaper all night.But first dress you in a cute little pink nightgown that will surely match those baby blue eyes of yours.You didn’t think i knew did you ah but you see i knew that look on your face that you had tinkled.Bad fellow but that is just fine i will think of something you know i always do. Doris 1.888.430.2010
May 7, 2012

Adult Baby Dirty Diaper Dream

I had the best dream last night. It was a world only filled with adult babies. It started out with Mommy Candy waking up to hear some crying, thinking it’s my AB. But when I walked out of my bedroom I kid you not there were adult babies everywhere! And they all wanted me to be their Mommy. So I fed them all, some are still hooked to breast milk which you can only imagine how sore that nipple was after all those AB’s got to it. So Mommy fed them, now I got to change them. I thought one poopy diaper was enough, but apparently not. There were dirty diapers everywhere! I had to empty the trash twice just for diapers and dirty wet wipes! It sounds like a lot of work but really it was the best dream ever. To wake up everyday and be the only Mommy left on the planet. So many adult babies to take care of. And I am their only mommy. I wouldn’t want anything more. So yes I was sad when I woke up. but then I remembered all of my sweet adult babies that I get to talk to everyday and it made me smile.
March 7, 2011

Sissy Maid

I do enjoy having a little sissy maid around the house to do all the chores that i hate doing.Like laundry,dusting mopping,sweeping,driving me around,painting my fingers nails and toes nails love getting manicures and she is such a wondering at that. But her greatest fear is when she messes up and doesn’t do what she is told and gets punished for it.Would you like to know what her punishment is thought so.I take all her diapers and lock them up and she isn’t allow any diapers until she corrects what she did wrong. Lorraine
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