February 21, 2013

Steam Powered Masturbation Facilitator

You all know how much I adore interesting, unique, and unusual items; especially antique ones (an antique male chastity device and an antique douching system to name a couple – check ‘em out!). Well this latest find certainly makes the grade and does not disappoint! What people can’t cook up!  To think, the first fucking machine was steam powered!  Wow!  Now you know it was some guy, locked up in his little workshop, thinking, “Hmm, now how can I make this dildo hands-free so I can get the sensation of a real good ass-fucking?”, LOL.   Or maybe it was a frantic husband that only had a wet noodle between his legs, desperately needed to find a way to satisfy his wife, lest he become a cuckold.  Heck, one of these puppies could have been used as a tool of the trade in a bordello!   Oh wait, I know – it could very well have been invented by a doctor to help facilitate a prescribed treatment for women suffering from “female hysteria” (the “Dr. Maggy” in me just had to mention that, hehe).   In any case, I think it’s true what the say – necessity is truly the mother of invention!     Mommy Maggie 1.888.430.2010
April 13, 2012

Twisters ~ Meathead to SissyMaid

      Welcome to a new series of stories we will be presenting here at Phone a Mommy, called Phone a Mommy Twisters. We are going to put a new spin on how all the old family TV shows might look if they were to have been involved in Fetishism. Archie as we knew him ran a hierarchy family unit, well so he thought, but his daughter Gloria on the other hand knew exactly how to get her way. Michael or Meathead as he was commonly known as, was still out of work and Archie was always on his case! Gloria, however, found ways to take advantage of his being jobless. One evening Gloria came home from work and rushed straight up to her room holding a few packages in her hands. Archie starts yelling, “little girl, little girl,” as she darts up the stairs. “No time Daddy, I have to get ready.” Archie proceeds to his chair grunting over the fact his daughter didn’t properly greet him while yelling to Edith for a beer. Gloria, once in her room starts to lie out the items she purchased onto the bed. Pulling out a bag of Bambino Diapers along with other diapering items, a Sissy Maid dress with a petticoat and pinafore, and a matching pair of panties, some nylons, heels, a garter, a wig and of course a duster! As she proudly looks down upon all her sissy items she hears…… Michael coming through the front door after meeting with his out of work support group and is greeted by Archie, “Oh, look it Edith, the bums home!” Meathead shakes his head, “Happy to see you too Archie,” kisses Edith, “Hiya Ma”. Archie cannot help but continue the wisecracks “Any luck out with those weirdos?”  “Their not weirdos Arch, they are just looking for work too,” arguing back “Yeah, only sissies, need a support group.” Edith chimes in, “Archie, I think you owe Mike an apology.” “Yeah? And he owes me two years rent. So now we’re even.” Gloria comes running down the stairs. Jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waste, planting a long kiss while in the background we hear Archie complaining “Hey Hey, Hey, Now none of that ughhhh!“ She excitedly leads Michel up stairs to their bedroom and has him close his eyes, as he enters the room. She closes the door behind him and positioned him in front of the bed and then let him open his eyes. With his enormous smile on his face opens his eyes looks around, Gloria jumps up ad down pointing to the adult baby sissy dress on the bed, we see Michaels smile begin to fade. Be sure to tune in next week for Meathead’s Sissy Transformation. Sara 1_888_430_2010 YIM: phonemommysara (Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim any rights to the original work, the work above is “transformative” work of my own creative creation meant as a parody or twist using fictitious characters and should […]
June 18, 2011

Our Unsung Hero

Ahh, the unsung hero – Dad; so patient and kind, always there to protect you, and hold you in his big, strong arms.  He just smiles as you dance about him when he walks through the door after a long, hard day at work, more then happy to give you all the love and attention you are in such desperate need for.  Even happier to get down on the floor and play with his little ones.   Charming and witty, wise and thoughtful, and more then just a little naughty as only a Daddy can be, hehehe.  That is our ABDL Daddy Paul to a Tee.  Stern when he needs to be; loving and playful to those good little AdultBabies.  The perfect ABDL Daddy!   So here’s to our unsung hero, our Daddy Paul and to all those Daddies out there – Have a Happy Father’s Day!!   Maggie
June 13, 2011

The Dusky Duck

September nights have scarcely felt The first cool breath of autumn time, Ere high the black duck pinions fan Our shore-line, in their flight sublime. At first these swift fowl skim the cloud, And high in lessening circles sweep; Then slow to lonely bays descend, Glad to repose their wings in sleep. And so for passing weeks they haunt The inland marsh and muddy creek, Where in the shallows or the grass, Their pastime or their food they seek. Most shy, at midday they disport In ocean surf or ample bay; But when the evening shades pervade And fades the twilight of the day, Then with a soaring flight they rise And seek some lonely marsh remote, Some salt-pool in the meadow scoop’d; And here their quacking numbers float, And here the watchful fowler lies In ambush for the dusky prize. Isaac McLellan (1806-1899) Lorraine Mommy Lorraine is always here for all of her babies needs no matter what they might be sexual,sensual or baby related she is here 1-888-430-2010
September 25, 2010

Whos A Bad Boy

Have you been a good boy or naughty boy today? Tsk tsk tsks Does Mommy Stella have to spank your little diapered bottom? When baby is behaving, Mommy will take such good care of her sweet baby boy and teach him how to be mommy’s good boy. When baby is misbehaving and not listening, Mommy Stella knows just how to spank and punish baby in his diapers and train you to be mommy’s good little diaper slave! Mommy Stella 1 888 430-2010
September 11, 2010

Get to Know Mommy Stella With 5 Free Min.

Are you a baby living in an adult body?  Do you wish there was a magical way to have your body in sync with your heart and mind? I’m Mommy Stella, and I don’t have magical powers, but I do have 20 yrs of experience with adult babies and diaper lovers.  I was married to an Aby for 15 years and I’ve been a Phone a Mommy for the last 5.  Don’t be fooled by other sites who claim to be the real deal. Call me and I’ll give you 5 free min to get to know me, and to set up details for the call. This offer is only good with full price paid call Mommy Stella 1 888 430-2010
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