April 8, 2011

Sissy Krissy

Meet my new Sissy Krissy, she is a pretty little missy, isn’t she? Oh what fun my Sissy Krissy and I have. She is my new pet! She is the perfect little slut, she loves to show off her panties, her stockings and her pretty dresses! She loves to dress up for me. Oh and let me tell you she is the best cocksucker! I find such joy in fucking her face and then fucking her little clitty! Why I sure love to brag about my newly found sissy bitch, she likes to be fucked hard! My kinda gal, the rougher the better for this little whore! Why our last encounter was one at a ladies nights where she showed all my girlfriends just how much my cock meant to her! Didn’t you Krissy? *tehehe* Mommy Sara’s new Sissy Krissy! 1 888 430 2010
March 8, 2011


  My, My arent we making a statement with these pantyhose! Why yes we are. Do you think you are sissy enough to wear them? I would love to see you try and pull it off.  Need some Sissy Webcam Lessons on how to be the best Sissy you can be? I would love to instruct you to be the Sexy Cross Dresser! Now be a good sissyboi and listen to Mommy Rebecca and rush out and buy your new slut wear rush back home to have your sissy lesson call and we will prepare you for your night on the town. Sexing.it.up with Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
January 9, 2011

love your blanket

My favorite blanket changes because it’s whichever one is closest to me at the time. I only keep super soft comfy ones around so any of them will be a good pick. When I was younger though I was a little more of a picky boy. What is your favorite blanket? What color is it? I love baby blankets is light blue,green,pink,yellow. You know what? I just love all of them. Call me up so we can cuddle under the blankets. Daddy Paul
September 19, 2010

Lucky Me

I don’t know if I have told you lately how lucky I am to work with such wonderful people as I do. From top to bottom there is not a weak link anywhere along the line. From the nannies to the mommies to the sitters to the grannies the are the best you could ever hope to find. They are smart friendly ladies who know their business. So if you have the desire they have the knowledge and know how to provide the best experience for you. Daddy Paul
September 4, 2010

Rise of the sissy

I have noticed a lot more of you guys turning toward the sissy side. And boy oh boy am I loving it. I really have a great time with you dressing you up in your dresses and tights with make-up and ribbons in your hair. The look you give me when you are all dolled up, the way you see yourself in the mirror and the satisfaction we both receive from getting you the look you were striving for. So come on boys lets keep this up and bring your best dresses and make daddy and his little sissy both happy. Daddy Paul
August 31, 2010

Do you feel like a Women?

Drag Queens set a wonderful example for feminization.  I love how they step out of their comfort zone to be who they are. It is a lesson that serves all you little sissies well. If you’re looking for some feminization, as we here at phone a mommy love giving lessons make sure you take the steps in guaranteeing they are fulfilled to the hilt, by following the example of the Drag Queen.  Spice it up, go out and buy those wigs, the make-up, brazen outfits, stockings, and stilettos the whole nine yards, and dont forget your toys! This is what role play is really about, getting the most out of your call by really getting into the role as opposed to just fantasizing. Time to go shopping Girls!!!!  Then be sure to Call for some  Fun! Mizz Rebecca 888*430*2010 International 714*442*2402
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