April 5, 2011

The Bunny Tale

I thought it was a kitty cat But saw it was a rabbit He was hopping down the trail And then he stopped to sit. He looked back at me And wiggled his nose Seems he wanted me to follow So, I quickly arose. I started down that trail Amongst the forest’s trees As that rabbit scurried off As quickly as you’d please. He stopped at the next bend He once more looked at me And as I moved nearer He turned once more to flee. I moved deeper in the forest It was dark and kinda silent I looked around the trail’s curve To see where that rabbit went. He sat in an open clearing Of clover covered ground Amidst a group of creatures That had gathered around. They all watched me warily But, they didn’t turn to run The rabbit said, “Come join us. Come join in our fun.” I asked, “How do you speak? Am I losing my mind? If I close my eyes and look again, I wonder what I’ll find?” He said, “You’re in our world now, And if you’ll truly believe, You will be amazed at things Your heart and mind perceive.” “You will see life as it should be, If you’ll take the time to look. You’ll find all those stories true, As told in the fairytale book.” “You’ll see we live in peace, And nearly perfect harmony. You’ll learn what it really means To be happy, safe and free.” I sat down with legs crossed And said, “Please tell me more. This sounds like the very place That I have been searching for.” “I’m tired of all the hassle Of this world in which I live Where they all think, I want to take, When I only want to give.” “It’s a plastic/cardboard place Where nothing’s really real. Where so many things are only said, Without the will to feel.” “So, if I like it here with you Will I be able to stay? Or will you force me to return To where they play those games they play?” He said, “Humans are so foolish! They are filled with hate and greed They rip the life from the Earth After they’ve planted it’s seed.” You say you want to stay with us But, that can not be allowed, For if we welcome one of you Before long, there’ll be a crowd.” “We will let you stay for awhile Try to teach you what we know That this World can live in Peace And then, you’ll have to go.” But then I awakened And realized, I’d dreamed But I can’t get over how real bye del abe jone Minnie
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