August 14, 2010


Now that your all dressed up in grandma’s undies what are you going to do.Go outside and play with your football buddies or soccer don’t want to go play now is that what your telling me oh but you are my sweet little grandson.I warned you did i not that to stay out of my bedroom. I also warned you to stay out of my dresser hmm didn’t think i would notice things moved around in my undie drawer did you.Think your so smart you can outwit grandma *laughing *Wlle guess what grandma has been around awhile but she is still and always will be on her toes around little boys that likes to mess in things they have no reason to hmm.Other than the fact you like grandma’s undies how soft and sexy they make you feel.I might just let you go to school this way oh my talk about the fun you will have explaining this laughing.But then all you will really have to say is I AM A SISSY. Minnie
June 28, 2010


Ok now i love the feel of cloth diapers they feel so soft and cuddly against a babies bottom nothing like putting on a fresh diaper and patting that cute bottom as they waddle away on the none too sturdy legs. Love sitting back and watching them try their best but they are so bound on learning new things even when they fall that baby will get up and try again babies explore new things and new people with all out gusto.Love to change their diapers even when i need a clothes pin for my nose lol Silvie
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