May 9, 2012

Celebrate your ABDL Mommy

Does everyone know what this Sunday is?  It’s Mother’s Day – the one day a year that celebrates that very special lady in your life – your ABDL Mommy.  The lady who has diapered and powdered that cute little tushie of yours; the lady who has held you close in her arms and fed you so gently at her bosom; the lady who has shown you your true self (even though some of you would deny it emphatically), celebrating that very fact, sharing it with all her other lady friends; and yes, the lady who has shown you right from wrong with over the knee spankings and various other forms of punishments.   After all who, if not your AB Mommy, would care so much about your well-being? Who would show up at your place of business, your school or where ever you may be, with a diaper bag in hand, ready to change that diaper that so desperately needs changing?  Your ABDL Mommy, that’s who.   Yes, it is the day to show your AB Mommy that you love and appreciate all that she has done for you, so let her sleep in, make her breakfast in bed, and maybe she’ll let you climb in under the covers with her so you can show her how very much you love and appreciate her.     Lexus
May 13, 2011

Wet Nurse Nanny

Some say I go above and beyond the call of duty. I just like to give my babies what they need. I know I’m not a Mommy but I can be just as nurturing.  When Mommy has too many little ones tugging at her skirts and her titties, Nanny is there to fill those mouths with sweet warm milk. Nanny loves to diaper abies and dress them up, cuddle them and care for them in every possible way. Nanny loves her abies like her very own.   Call Nanny Ella for a sip at the nip and fall asleep entirely satisfied.
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