January 3, 2010

GYN Sissy Exam

Mizz. Rebecca is doing exams on all you sissys. We need to begin the New Year right and first thing first, Line up and drop them pants. Then hop up onto my examination table. Now lie back and stay very still, my assistant will be administering the IV and checking your blood pressure throughout the procedure. Oh you find my assistant cute do you, your little wee wee is sure taking notice. Well if Mizz. Rebecca has any energy left after the oral exam, I might let you play with her – he is quite the slut *laughs* Now the Rest of you Line Up and Shut up, You’ll each have your turn! Mizz Rebecca 1 888 430 2010
September 17, 2009

Some Think…

…that I am always sweet and innocent.  I am not always that way, I assure you.  I have many many callers who know that I can hand down discipline when it’s needed.  I currently have a long list of sissy sluts that call me. Isn’t that just divine? I think it is.  I love when their face is plastered in man goo after they get done sucking a whole room of them off.  Or if they do not like forced bi, then we have some strap on time together. (see picture below)  Sounds yummy doesn’t it? Want to see the other side of me? Give me a call. (this is a 1 million dollar strap on toy, isn’t it gorgeous?) Mommy Lizabeth 1-888-430-2010
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