July 6, 2019
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Husband Punished With Abdl Diapers

Harry stood in the kitchen, his hands held to his sides and a burning blush spreading down his face and neck. His gripped the sides of his diaper, thinking of pulling it off (throwing it off, tell his wife off for ever putting him in that thing!), but when she smacked one of his hands, told him not to grip too tight, he just let go. He stayed right there while her and her best friend tugged lightly at the diaper, talking about how cute it was and how well it seemed to fit. He thought she had been joking about the adult diapers, telling him that maybe some diaper humiliation would encourage him to stop leaving tracks in his underwear. She said if he couldn’t bother to wipe like an adult, she would do it for him, cleaning him like he was a baby! Want to experience this yourself? Call me for some domination phone sex! Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #domination #diaperhumiliation #abdl #adultdiaper #abdlmommy
February 3, 2013


I have something very special for you. I know you have had a long day at work. Sit back and relax and let me give you a nice massage… I pull out the best smelling massage oil you have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. I  rub you down starting at your temples and working my way down your body. Neck, back, buttocks, legs and down to your feet. The oil feels tingly in a very tantalizing way and you begin to wonder if I found this at the local adult shop, or perhaps online. You think that maybe this is going to be a very good night indeed. Then suddenly, that tingle turns slightly uncomfortable. And you get a bit dizzy. After the dizziness passes, you look around the room and think that things are looking very strange. Yet you can’t seem to put your finger on why. After you look around for a few moments trying to gather your thoughts, you turn to tell me that you may be having an allergic reaction and almost shriek at what you see. I stand above you. I am quite large now and you just cannot believe what you are seeing. You look down at your hands and then your feet and you start to shake. They look like…no it couldn’t be. But yet it is. Your hands and feet are that of a chubby baby. You try to get up and run as I laugh. But it is no use. Your limbs just don’t work properly. And then you notice that you are feeling wet. You look down and see that you have wet yourself and did not even notice. What in the world is going on. Howe could this be. And what will SHE do to me next? What should Mommy do with her new AB? I have lots of ideas for many different scenarios that fit many different fetishes and kinks. Give me a call and let’s come up with something really fun to finish out this role play. I will be waiting, oil in hand… ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
November 14, 2011


  Going to the potty is something we must do. Mommies do it. Daddies do it. Even me and you. Our number one is always liquid. Our number two is like a paste. Both of them are made up from all our body’s waste. We have to dump our garbage, so that we don’t get sick, From all the dirty, yucky and disgusting garbage ick. Our waste is trash inside us. We have to push it out. Doing it without our diaper is what this book’s about. We have to wear a diaper, when we’re a baby who’s still small. But once we start to run around – swift and straight and tall, Then we know it’s time to learn what we’re supposed to do when we have to go & make a number one or two. It’ll start out as a tickle, from somewhere deep inside our tummy. Sometimes we can feel it after we eat something yummy. When things begin to stir around and start to move inside, we won’t go in a corner or find a place to hide. We’ll find our mom or daddy – any relative will do – then we’ll say,Excuse me, I must go number one or two! They’ll understand, take our hand, and help take care of it. We’ll walk into the bathroom, pull down our pants and sit. We’ll keep sitting on the potty. Until our wait is through. We’ll know when we’re finished; we’ll see our number one or two. Things feel so much better when we don’t need a change. Even though at first those things might feel a little strange. We’ll feel so much bigger, and that feeling feels so good. If we can number one and two it, then don’t you think we should? mommy lorraine 1-888-430-2010 for all of baby’s fun time needs whether it be potty or sexual and sensual you know where to find me heheheh
May 30, 2011

Grannies Sissy Baby

She calls crying i ask what is wrong but she is crying so hard i can barely understand what she is trying to tell me so i ask her to come on over since she just lives down the street from me. So i get the tea pot ready for some nice hot tea i know she will be needing.Just as the teapot makes that cute little sound knocks i just yell out come on in hon. She walks on in the kitchen as i turn around i almost fell to my knees laughing there she stood with one of the most aweful looking outfits on. I walked over and tell her it will be fine i will help her choose another outfit for her night out.So this is what we choose for her.Poor little sissy needs all the help she can get laughing. silvie Just remember little one’s i am here for all your sensual and sexual and fantasy needs just call me anytime.
April 2, 2011

diapered adult sissies

Just how wet are your diapers my sissy baby? Are they a little damp, are they soaked? Oh my are you leaking out of your diaper? Or has my sissy baby gone and messed their diaper? Is that your poopy diaper that Daddy smells? I can tell from your giggle that it’s probably messy and it’s time for daddy to check it so come to daddy sissy boy and let me see just what kind of shape your diaper is in. You know I love to change your wet and messy adult diapers for you and I know you love the special attention Daddy gives you too! Daddy Paul
March 8, 2011

ABDL What does it mean?

We know the obvious answer to what does abdl mean but it can mean one thing to me and then abdl can mean another thing to you. To me abdl means adult diapers whether they are messy or wet. It means being Daddy’s little boy or Mommy’s diapered aby. What does abdl mean to you though? Does it mean just adult baby diaper lover or does it mean love,security,fun,belonging. See it can mean a whole lot. Thanks for reading my blog. Now I’m going to go back to hoping Daddy lets me change this diaper soon. Diaper Lover Louie
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