May 18, 2014

It’s Time For Beddy Bye!

                Brrr, It’s definitey time for my little ones to be wearing their footie pajamas! And you know what, it’s also time for me to be wearing mine! There are so many cute adult sized footie pajamas! I bought myself a pair of pink ones with silver stars, they’re so warm and I love how they make me feel like a little girl again! But you know, even in them you can tell I am not a little girl anymore the way they hug my curves and boobies! Yes, footie pajamas can be cute and naughty! What would be really fun is for me and you to dress up in matching pjs! Let’s do it! Janey 1-888-430-2010
February 3, 2013


I have something very special for you. I know you have had a long day at work. Sit back and relax and let me give you a nice massage… I pull out the best smelling massage oil you have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. I  rub you down starting at your temples and working my way down your body. Neck, back, buttocks, legs and down to your feet. The oil feels tingly in a very tantalizing way and you begin to wonder if I found this at the local adult shop, or perhaps online. You think that maybe this is going to be a very good night indeed. Then suddenly, that tingle turns slightly uncomfortable. And you get a bit dizzy. After the dizziness passes, you look around the room and think that things are looking very strange. Yet you can’t seem to put your finger on why. After you look around for a few moments trying to gather your thoughts, you turn to tell me that you may be having an allergic reaction and almost shriek at what you see. I stand above you. I am quite large now and you just cannot believe what you are seeing. You look down at your hands and then your feet and you start to shake. They look like…no it couldn’t be. But yet it is. Your hands and feet are that of a chubby baby. You try to get up and run as I laugh. But it is no use. Your limbs just don’t work properly. And then you notice that you are feeling wet. You look down and see that you have wet yourself and did not even notice. What in the world is going on. Howe could this be. And what will SHE do to me next? What should Mommy do with her new AB? I have lots of ideas for many different scenarios that fit many different fetishes and kinks. Give me a call and let’s come up with something really fun to finish out this role play. I will be waiting, oil in hand… ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
January 27, 2013

Come here AB boy. Yes, I see you there behind the door peeking at Mommy again. You know it is very naughty to look at Mommy that way. Whatever is Mommy going to do with you? I think maybe Mommy’s little AB man needs “special time”. Don’t worry, Mommy isn’t mad. In fact I think it is time that you learned a few things. You might be an AB but you still have “big boy” needs and you must learn to take care of them. That is what Mommy is here for right? To teach exactly what to do. Just relax and let Mommy guide you. I will show you exactly what to do. Maybe Mommy will even indulge a little as well. Would you like that? I just bet you would. *giggles* Special time with Mommy can mean lots of different things. No matter what it means to you, I can make that fantasy come true for you through phone role play. I will gently guide you through whatever scenario it is that will help and we will both have a good time in the process. It is great stress relief and can help with any particular kink or fantasy that has over taken your mind. If you do not relieve it, it will turn into an obsession and that is where Mommy can help. And don’t forget, this can be alot of fun for us Mommies as well. 😉 Mommy Josie 888~430
January 13, 2013

Phone Mommy Fantasies

Have you been dreaming of what it would be like to be back in mommy’s arms? Maybe you need mommy to lay down the law with a bit of good ol fashioned discipline? Whatever type of Mommy Fantasy you have, I can make all your role play desires come true. There is nothing you cannot share with me. I am a no taboo kind of mommy who loves to indulge in many types of fantasy play. I am well versed in many fetishes and have been a part of many fantasy role plays. I enjoy every single one. After all variety truly is the spice of life. So many of you smart little ABies come up with the best role play ideas and mommy has a few of her own too. And you know what one of the best parts of phone fantasy is? Well besides the fact that you can be anyone and do anything? It is completely anonymous. And you will be talking to ladies who actually live the lifestyle and understand the needs and wants of adult baby and sissies. what could be better? Mommy Josie 888 ~430~20210
December 16, 2012

  Come here ABie boy. Let Mommy take all your cares away. I will take you back to a much simpler time in life. One where you have no cares, no worries, just tender love and care. Mommy will clean you up with a nice warm bath. Washing away all worry, all responsibilities. Then I will wrap you in a warm towel and off to the nursery we go. We we walk through the door, you in my arms, you will start to feel smaller, more helpless. I will lay you down on the changing table, as you look up, Mommy will seem a bit bigger than she did a moment ago. Is your mind playing tricks on you? I will start the process of powdering and diapering you. Applying baby lotion as well to keep your skin soft. When you smell the baby lotion and baby powder, you start to feel babyish. As if you just cannot even think like an adult any longer. Mommy will dress you in a onsie, lift you up off the able with ease and cradle you in her arms. You fit there nicely now. As you look up into Mommy’s eyes, you realize you have been transformed, regressed. Taken back to a time when you were just an (adult) infant in mommy’s arms again. Mommy can do all this with just a phone call. It’s true, mommy can guide you through a regression session and take you back to any age you wish to be. The sights, the sounds, the smells…the feeling of looking up into Mommy’s face and being loved. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
August 28, 2009

Cousin Jenna ready to be touched…… You!

You want to see my cute bottom. You want to run your hands over it. You want me to lift my shirt so you can peek at my cute perky boobies. But not so fast. What do I get? Give me what I want, and I may just let you look. Make me happy and you’ll be very happy. You do want your cute Cousin Jenna happy now don’t you? Cousin Jenna 1-888-430-2010
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