January 6, 2013

ABie Talk

Have you longed to hear a sweet mommy gushing over her AB boy? mushy ABie talk and all? heehee Well I have been told that I am one of the best at baby talk. I guess many years of caring for babies big and small means that it just comes naturally. How could it not?  When I have such cute abies in my charge. I just love the sweet mommy ABie role plays. Loving, holding and caring for an AB makes mommy feel needed and special. It is a nice break from all the pressures and worries of life to just play with my ABie. Talking and cooing sweetly as I change his diaper, give him a bath or feed him while rocking gently in my favorite rocking chair. And baby talk really helps both mommy and AB get into their roles during a role play. Having mommy look down and you and coo sweetly can really take you there. making you feel small again. Next time you talk to a mommy, ask her to try it out on you, if you haven’t already. You will be pleasantly surprised how little it will make you feel and how good to. Mommy Josie 888~430~2010    
September 30, 2012

Halloween, my favorite holiday.

  Like the title says, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love fall period, the weather, the changing of the leaves, the holidays coming up. But Halloween has always topped my list. What is everyone going to be this year? I am still thinking on that myself but am really considering a “dia de los muertos” theme, also another fav holiday. Mommy also loves that this is the one time of year that my little ones can dress in public without fear of shame and rejection. It’s just a costume right? Riiiiight, heehee. I also love taking my little ones out for some trick or treat action. Who is going out with mommy this year? I can’t wait to see all the different costumes my little ABies will come up with. You all are so very creative. Make sure you take lots of pics of your costumes so mommy can see. And don’t forget, mommy is right here to take the ABies out tricking and treating. Maye we can incorporate that into our role plays next time you call. Wouldn’t that be fun? I can think of quite a few ways to have fun with a Halloween theme. So who shares my love of Halloween? I want to hear from you soon, it’s right around the corner! Mommy Josie 888~430~2010    
August 12, 2012

Lactation Fetish

Have you ever experienced or wanted to know more about Lactation fetish? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lay back in mommy’s arms, no worries, feeling safe and secure? Feeling that warm milk from mommy’s breasts filling your mouth and then your belly is unlike anything else. And if ABboy’s peepee gets hard while mommy is filling his belly with her sweet goodness, well that’s ok. Mommy will take care of that too. Mommy wants to take good care of her sweet AB, give him everything he needs. Including a good feeding that is sure to make him a happy, sleepy boy. Just climb up onto mommy’s lap. Lay back and get comfortable in my loving arms and see what it is like to be a baby again being cared for by a sweet, caring mommy. I will open my nursing bra and slip my taut nipple into your waiting mouth. You will close your eyes and a feeling you have longed for will come over you. Just you and me, alone, as I rock you gently and look down into your eyes. And you will know that you are home. So give Mommy a call and you will truly know what it is like to be cared for, what it is like to be next to mommy’s bosom once again. Lactation fetish is just one of the many fetishes that I enjoy and am well versed in. Kisses, Mommy Josie 1~888~430~2010
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