October 27, 2013

Naughty Tinkle Play

Sometimes I like to open my diaper when daddy isn’t around and go tinkle in it so I can watch. I have to be really sneaky though, because it always ends up being a big mess and daddy gets mad. See, I hold my tinkle for as long as I can so then when daddy puts me in a new diaper before nap time, I have a nice long time to spend playing with my diaper. Once daddy walks out, I sit up on my elbows and I pull the tabs on my diaper to open it up. Everything’s still fresh and dry… hehe! Then I start to let it drip out slow, so I can feel it running down my lips and pooling in my diaper. I tinkle in my diaper in little droplets, and some times big long streams, till alllll my tinkle is out. This is where it gets messy! I love to squish my diaper and make the tinkle all come out so it can soak back in…. but usually that’s when it gets all over the bed. I pull the front of my diaper up against me and squish it between my lips and let it drip all over me! Then when daddy comes back to check on my after my nap, I can tell him I just did it while I was sleeping, and I didn’t mean to open my diaper, hehehehe! Love, Lacy 888-430-2010  
March 24, 2013

Panty Collection

I love my panties so much! Getting to wear them is such a treat ‘cause usually Daddy won’t let me since I have accidents in ‘em all the time. But guess what… I LOVE having accidents in my panties!!! Sometimes its even more fun than going tinkle in my diaper. And its not just going in tinkle in my panties, its also really fun getting to play in my panties. The silky material always feels so nice against my special parts!! Every time I get a new pair I think about what its gonna feel like to wear them and play in them. And then after I play with them they smell so good that I hide them in my room so Daddy can’t wash ‘em and I can play with them more when Daddy’s not looking! My playdates like my panty collection too! My sissy friends like to borrow them during dress up so they get to feel pretty and special too! And my AB boi friends really like my panties!! I guess I’m not the only one who likes the way my used panties smell hehehe. Sometimes they even stuff them down their diapys and rub them down their… TEEHEEHEE its so naughty!! I hope Daddy doesn’t find out about it… he’ll get real mad I think… Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010  
March 10, 2013

Tantrum Brat

Know the best way to get what ya want? Tantrums!!! Hehehe, whenever I want something and daddy doesn’t wanna let me have it, I just throw myself a little tantrum and its not too long before I get exactly what I want!! Usually it happens when we go shopping. See, before we go anywhere Daddy always tells me that I’m only allowed one thing, or sometimes he’ll say I can’t even get anything!! Its so unfair! But don’t worry hehe… I always end up getting whatever I want! When we went to the store today, Daddy said that I wasn’t allowed to get nothin’ cause I was naughty yesterday (more on that later hehe). Well when we got to the store we walked by all the pretty makeups and I saw the prettiest most sparkliest pink lipgloss!! As soon as I saw it I ran and grabbed it and Daddy tried to shut me down right away. At first he tried to make me put it back, but then he just quit and said he didn’t care if I carried it around the whole store, there was no way he was gonna buy it! Well when he was all done getting everything and we were at the checkout counter Daddy told me to put the lipgloss down. “NO!” I said and tried to hand to the cashier. “Cali, you put it down right now, you’re not getting anything today,” Daddy said. “NOO!!” I yelled and stomped my foot. See that’s how ya start. Nice and easy, and then before Daddy knows whats coming it’s a full on meltdown! He tried to pull it out of my hand and that’s when I really turned it on! I threw myself down on the floor and started screaming and kicking my feet. “No no no no no!!!! I want it! Daddyyyyyyyy I want the pretty glossy!!!!!!!!” Then I started crying hehehe, big fat crocodile tears. Guess what happened. I got my lipgloss, that’s what! HA! Tantrums are the best way to get whatever you want with daddies. Just don’t try that with Mommy Lexus… oh no, uh-uh. I tried it one time, and I couldn’t sit down for a looooong time. She really doesn’t like tantrums… kissies, Cali 1.888.430.2010  
February 23, 2013

Special Visit

  This weekend my favorite uncle came to visit – he always knows just how to treat a sweet girl like me. Uncle Mike woke me up Saturday morning by sneaking under the sheets and tickling me under my nightie! I woke up wiggling and giggling and bouncing in my bed hehehehehehe!! Then I got to have a whole weekend of special lil girl and uncle time!! It was just soo much fun. All weekend my Uncle Mike changed my diapey and played fun games with me. He brought me lotsa new clothes like dresses and cute little panties that he let me show off for him. He fed me my favorite babi foods and fed be bottles… he even gave me Uncle Mikes special bottle hehehe!! Of course my very favorite part of the whole visit was when we got to play good girl games! They’re kinda like Daddy’s good girl games, but its so fun because it doesn’t happen so often! I can’t wait till the next time Uncle Mike visits! He makes me feel like such a special adult baby girl!! Not everybody knows how to treat a sweet girl like me! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010  
June 10, 2012

Diapergirl Jenna Is Back!

I love summertime and I’m so happy to be back here at Phone a Mommy with my ABDL family.  I have missed everyone so much and every time I leave I just can’t seem to stay away and I can’t wait to get back to all of you!  Some of you already know that Ive been in school and student housing is such a pain in the ass and I am so happy to be back home with my family.  Now that I have all this privacy I can wear my diapers all the time and play with all my abdl friends on line and on the phone anytime I want.  I miss having a Daddy so much. and I hope to start meeting some perspective daddies who want to take care of a bratty diaper girl like me 😛 Jenna 888* 430*2010  
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