February 3, 2013


I have something very special for you. I know you have had a long day at work. Sit back and relax and let me give you a nice massage… I pull out the best smelling massage oil you have ever had the pleasure of inhaling. I  rub you down starting at your temples and working my way down your body. Neck, back, buttocks, legs and down to your feet. The oil feels tingly in a very tantalizing way and you begin to wonder if I found this at the local adult shop, or perhaps online. You think that maybe this is going to be a very good night indeed. Then suddenly, that tingle turns slightly uncomfortable. And you get a bit dizzy. After the dizziness passes, you look around the room and think that things are looking very strange. Yet you can’t seem to put your finger on why. After you look around for a few moments trying to gather your thoughts, you turn to tell me that you may be having an allergic reaction and almost shriek at what you see. I stand above you. I am quite large now and you just cannot believe what you are seeing. You look down at your hands and then your feet and you start to shake. They look like…no it couldn’t be. But yet it is. Your hands and feet are that of a chubby baby. You try to get up and run as I laugh. But it is no use. Your limbs just don’t work properly. And then you notice that you are feeling wet. You look down and see that you have wet yourself and did not even notice. What in the world is going on. Howe could this be. And what will SHE do to me next? What should Mommy do with her new AB? I have lots of ideas for many different scenarios that fit many different fetishes and kinks. Give me a call and let’s come up with something really fun to finish out this role play. I will be waiting, oil in hand… ~Mommy Josie 888~430~2010
November 18, 2012

Story time ~ Naughty Boy Punishment

  All our little Abies need to gather around and come have story time with Mommy. I just love caring for all the little Abies here and sometimes even ABsit for the other mommies. Now I have all the little ones gathered around to hear my tale. My story for today is about a naughty AB boy who keeps misbehaving for his Mommy. He thinks he is a big adult  boy and wants to do big adult boy things. However he doesn’t ACT very much like a big adult boy, in fact he acts like a big adult BABY. His Mommy gets very fed up with his behavior and decides she is going to do something about it. It is time for some punishment. The first thing mommy must do is make this adult boy realize how much of an ABie he really is. So Mommy forces him into a diaper. He really puts up a fight with his Mommy til she gets out her paddle, places him over her knee and gives him a good spank right on the bare bottom. Soon ABie begins to realize that he has been a bit naughty and maybe his Mommy is right. From then on he acts like a good little AB boy for his Mommy and gets lots of love and attention. And maybe the occasional spank to remind him of his place, heehee. To hear more stories from Mommy Josie call 888~430~2010.  
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