July 10, 2012

Bedtime Phone Sex With Mommy Candy

Caller X loves to call me late at night for mommy phone sex.  Often times poor little X cant sleep so he calls his Mommy Candy, because he knows Mommy is the only one that knows how to sooth aby (adult baby) to sleep.  First I check his diaper to make sure aby doesn’t have a stinky.  Once I change his diaper I like to put aby in bed with me and nuzzle him to my breasts.  Holding aby and patting his round diapered bottom, I gently rock my body back and forth when I notice aby tugging at my nightgown for mommy milk. I pull my nightie off my shoulder and scoop out my big lactating breast as soon as aby sees my swollen nipple he latches on and begins to suckle.  I gently caress your head and hum a sweet lullaby.  I know dreamland is not to far away when I see my adult baby close his eyes and fall asleep.  I pull my nipple from his lips and scoop him up in my arms and gently lay him in his crib.  Goodnight caller X sweet dreams. Call Mommy Candy for your personal bed time feeding and fantasy mommy phone sex .  
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