January 22, 2012

ABDL Mommy Star

Nobody can make aby feel more safe and relaxed than his ABDL Mommy can. No worries, no rules, no limits. Am I wrong though? You can trust your Mommy with just about anything you wish. I love being a Mommy. It’s the best job in the world. Helping my Aby’s with all their aby needs. Changing their diapers, washing their bottoms, feeding them their bottles. Sometimes baby will have a little stiffy when I change him. It’s so cute because he starts to giggle when I play with it. Yes thats right,  I take care of ALL of my little Aby’s desires. It’s my job as a Mommy to make sure every part of baby is preforming at its best. Even his pee pee! Oh yes. This is a very important part of a Abys body. I make sure my Aby’s know how to pleasure and satisfy a woman. Learning all the right places to touch and please her.  You can have lots of practice with your Mommy. She can tell you all the secrets so you can use them for yourself. So should we get started with our first lesson? You know what they say.. ABDL Mommy knows best! Mommy Star 888-430-2010
June 16, 2011

mommy and baby exercise

  I want to start off telling you that Mommy Liz loves each and every one of you little guys and gals. You’re so sweet and tender and I can’t express how much I enjoy talking with you and sharing our ideas together. We all have different hobbies and passions. One of mine is exercising. Not only do I like feeling better for having done it, it gets me into a good place mentally. Not all exercise has to be traditional though. Did you know that you can burn off about 120-350 calories just kissing? Who doesn’t love to kiss? So if you can burn off that little bit with making out and kissing just think what else you could do with Mommy to get our mommy aby exercise in? I’m not sure about diaper changes, but if any of you abys know how much that burns be sure to tell Mommy. Mommy Lizabeth your Southern ABDL Mommy
March 27, 2011

adult baby

  Mostly I am a diaper lover. When I talk to a nice AB Daddy though I let my little Louie ab side out to play though. Sometimes he gets out of hand though and gets me into trouble. Then I get diaper punishments and I don’t know what to do with myself. Do you other ab’s have that happen? Do you have an ab side with a dash of terrible two’s? It gets out of hand and before I know my ab daddy is scolding me and spanking me. Then I try not to pout too much, but I have to pout a little bit. I don’t mean to be bad to daddy or to the mommies who take care of me, but a baby just doesn’t know when to stop sometimes.   Louie
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