March 24, 2014

Uh Oh

                          Oops! You caught Mommy! You were supposed to be sleeping! You woke up from your nap early and walked in on Mommy Janey and her friend. I see you blushing! You saw something you weren’t supposed to see. You don’t know exactly what it is you saw, but you know it was something that you never saw Mommy Janey do before and Mommy’s friend was on top of her. They were making funny noises. You’re not sure if he was hurting her or what, but all you know is Mommy spanked you through your pajama bottoms and make you go back to your bedroom. What did you exactly see Mommy Janey do? Do you want her to tell you? 1 888 430 2010 Janey
January 30, 2012

Mean Teen Abie Sitter!

I love abie sitting! The look on your face as soon as your mommy walks out the door is priceless! It is a look of sheer terror! You know that a mean ABDL sitter like me, is going to taunt and tease you, humiliate and abuse you! All for my pure enjoyment! Making you crawl around in a diaper, and having you soak it in front of everyone! LMAO And even dressing you up in your sisters clothes and making you look like the little sissy abie that you are! The best part is that by the time your mommy comes back home, everything is back to normal, and she invites me back to sit for you this weekend! Can’t wait to see you again!!! XOXOXO Mean ABIE sitter Jenna
January 7, 2012


HAHAHA! I just love watching my abie scooting around on the floor on his hands and knees! Hearing the shuffling sound of the diaper! And then making him stand up so I can see those wetness indicator huggies go from pink to blue when he wets himself! If I have friends over we sit by and laugh while he goes pee pee!! I have so much fun teasing my Diaper Lovers!   Cum Play in my Toy Box! Jenna 1-888-430-2010
November 21, 2011

It’s Lunchtime For Abie

Awe is abie (adult baby) hungry? Come here darling and lay back in my arms.  You know honey; a hungry abie is a cranky abie. ABDL Mommy likes it when abie sucks on his abdl bottle. Maybe ABDL mommy can play with abies feet as he feeds from his bottle.   Do you like it when ABDL Mommy tickles you there? Awe it looks like abie is getting all giddy! Look at his little feet go! Abie cant stop giggling! What does Adult baby want Mommy to do next? Call her so she can help! Mommy Candy 888-430-2010
November 15, 2011

Lactating MILF Miss Cate Madison

Photo credit: dmscs from Suckle, Abie sisssy girl, As My Love For You Unfurls…. Looking In My Eyes So Sweet, In Your Pink AB Onesie…. Suckle, AB, Little One, Our Bond Is Second To None….   XOXO, Miss Cate Madison
June 5, 2011

My little abdl star!

You made Mommy Crissy so happy the other day! You put on my favorite little dress – the one with the purple polk-a-dots and puffy sleeves – and you looked so pretty for Mommy! Then, you sang a special song just for Mommy, and you looked just adorable when you did your little dance! I especially loved the part when you turned around and flipped up your skirt so I could see your rumba panties! You’re my little abdl star! Mommy Crissy thinks you are the most adorable Abie in the whole, wide world! Give me a call at 1*888*430*2010 and we’ll have so much fun together! And remember, Mommy Crissy specializes in abdl, diaper fetish, Abie, just to name a few!
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