April 18, 2011

ab dl sitter

  Hi wittle ab’s. Is your Mommy really busy this week getting ready for Easter? I’m sure she has shopping trips to plan and dinners to cook and then some more shopping. Usually I write ads for the mommies to read but this time I am going right to the source. Tell your Mommies that you want AB Sitter Samantha to watch you. Here is what I have planned this week for the ab’s who need a sitter. Dress up for sissies in pretty Easter dresses,Egg Hunts, Dying Eggs, Bunny Crafts and more doesn’t that totally sound like fun? OK ab’s so ask your Mommy pwetty please to let baby Sitter Samantha take care of you while she gets her planing done. I promise you plenty of fun.   AB Sitter Samantha 1-888-430-2010  
May 23, 2010

A Tease

Flippin my hair Blowin you a kiss I’m a the only girl who Can tease you like this! I can push you away and make you come back Cause I know I got it like that! Teasing you is my thang I’ll treat you like a dog and make you pull out a ring! Cause I got it like that! *giggle* CousinJenna 1-888-430-2010
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