January 1, 2010

Happy New Years Adult Baby

I hope all my abies are off to a great start on this New Year’s Day!  I’m so happy to be your phone a mommy and you all make me so proud to be called mommy.  I been thinking about my New Years Resolution and I think this year I want to really start exploring my abby side, I also want to stat wearing diapers on a more consistent basis.  I have already been wearing diapers while a I take calls and I’ve enjoyed sleeping in them and waking up wet.  I’ve done some calls where I get to be baby and I love going in my diaper for. I think I may just love being a abiey as much as I love being a abdl Mommy. Mommy Candy 1 888 430-2010
January 1, 2010

New Years Day Slumber Party!

Don’t forget to come by and see your favorite Mommy on New Years Day.  Make sure to bring your blankie and binkie and let Mommy be the first one to give baby a hug and kiss on new years day.  Here’s hoping each and every baby is off to a healthy and happy new year filled with lots of love and and baby diaper changes.  Hmm I wonder how many diapers a baby goes through in a year? Imagine how many diaper changes Mommy do in one year? especially when Mommy has so many cute little abies that depend on her. Just remember Mommy Ava us always here and ready to change you and give you a warm baba and rock you to sleep.
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