May 27, 2012

Happy ABDL Memorial Day

  I want to wish each and every one of my ABDL friends and family a happy Memorial Day.  I have a few ABDL’s who are currently serving overseas, they are my brave little soldiers who get up everyday and put on their diapers and camouflage and fight for our country.  I know how hard it is for my aby soldiers to be away from their mom.  A few of my aby’s are currently serving overseas and all they ever say is I wish I was home so I could wear my diapers.  It’s impossible to buy and hide diapers when you live in such tight quarters so they have to go without wearing for months at a time before they finally come home.  I know to most people that sounds silly but I know what a sacrifice that is. So This Memorial Day I plan on wearing my adult diapers and tanning by the pool and thinking of my ABDL soldiers and vets….Thank You this diapers for you!
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