September 27, 2019

Abdl Thinks He Can Be A Big Boy! (part 2)

(first part) A sign went past, letting Simon know that a rest area was just five miles down, and he smiled a little bit, convinced that he was going to make it there with no accidents and no more abdl diapers! He didn’t even feel any pressure from his bladder anymore, so he knew he had it under control… right until he felt that distinct warm wetness spread out from his crotch. He gasped and tried to cover it with his hands before he could stop himself, looking over at Mommy Brenda to see if she had noticed anything. She absolutely did and started to fuss at him, telling him that he was a silly, ridiculous incontinent abdl, and that nothing he did was going to change that. He was going to stay in diapers until she said otherwise, and if he said anything about it she really was going to pull out the spanking paddle, making sure that his bare bottom glowed red before she was done with his spanking discipline! That was bad enough, but then she said that they were nearly at the rest area, so she was going to put him in a clean diaper when they got there! Is she going to embarrass him in front of everyone? Click right here for the last part and call me for some adult baby phone sex. Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdlmommy #incontinence #abdldiapers #spanking
November 26, 2011

ABDL Saggy Diapers Week

  I have no doubt that us ABDL’s will have some saggy diapers this week. That is why I name this ABDL Saggy Diaper Week! So chill out and relax, enjoy the leftovers and games in your ABDL Saggy Diapers and sing along with me!   Do your diapers hang low? Do you wobble to and fro? Do they crinkle when they’re w*t? Do leak when they’re soaked? Do they sag between your knees? Do you like it when you’re teased? Do your diapers hang low? Do you like it when they’re dry? Does it make you kinda shy? Do you lie there on the ground? Do you make aby sounds? Does your diaper smell strange? Do you need a diaper change? Does it make you have to giggle? Do your little legs wiggle? Do your diapers hang low? Mixing it up Mandy tehehehe 888*430*2010  
August 14, 2011

adult diaper debate

So the diaper debate continues, everyone wants to know what the best diaper is. Some are fiercely loyal to using cloth diapers and plastic pants while others will not use anything other than a disposable adult diaper. Then once you decide between cloth and disposable what brand is the best? Which diaper holds the most? Which adult diaper is the most comfortable? What adult diaper is the cutest? That’s why there are so many different kinds of diaper honey; everyone is looking for their perfect diaper. As long as your diaper is good for you, it’s the best you can have. I don’t mind if my babies prefer a certain diaper; I just want them diapered. So keep your wet and messy tushies in whatever makes you happy. Mommy will be just fine with it. Mommy Lizabeth
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