July 18, 2013

Fetish Vacation Tailored for You

Seeing how we are deep into summer vacation time, I was thinking…Wouldn’t it be nice to go on vacation and just spend the whole entire time being who you crave to be, and do what ever you want to do, fetish wise? You could strut around in your diaper and plastic panties, your rhumba panties and sweet little dresses, your onesies with your plushy in tow.  You could drink from your bottle, take a nap in cribs…everything you could imagine. Instead of maid service, you would have tuck-in service; instead of dinner tables and chairs, there would be highchairs; instead of waitresses there would nannies and sitters who would get you in your high chair, get your bib on, and feed you.  And you wouldn’t be alone – there would be others around who would be into the same thing that you were, like a giant play party! Maybe someday someone will open up a resort that not only caters to other fetishes besides BDSM, but is geared towards the every growing ABDL community.  When that happens (and have faith that it will), I will SO be there! Lexus 1.888.430.2010
July 26, 2012

Phone A Mommy Catch Phrases

We Mommies here at PhoneAMommy have a grand ‘ole time together – especially when we get going in the chatroom (more then a few of you can attest to that little fact, lol)!  Well during one of our little bull sessions, Miss Savannah started coming out with some fine little catch phrases.  She insisted that she was just messing around, but I disagree – I think they are funny and witty and to be frank…quite fabulous!!  In fact, I loved them so much that I asked her permission to share her witticism with all of you, and she graciously agreed.  So, with out any further adieu, I present to you the “Phone-A-Mommy Catch Phrases” – • Can you truly put a price on a mother’s love • 1-800-430-2010…have you called your mother today? • Phoneamommy.com, for the child in all of us • Phoneamommy.com – explore your inner child today • 1-888-430-2010… when Daddy is away Mommy WILL play • Sick of those fake mommies and need a change? Phone a Mommy loves to be that change for you • 1-888-430-2010, the only Mommy that won’t tell you you’ll go blind………..*snickers* Aren’t they adorable?!?  Got a catch phrase you you’d like to share?  Check out the forums and add your two cents!  We’d love to hear from you 🙂 ! Mommy Maggie
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