November 15, 2011

Lactating MILF Miss Cate Madison

Photo credit: dmscs from Suckle, Abie sisssy girl, As My Love For You Unfurls…. Looking In My Eyes So Sweet, In Your Pink AB Onesie…. Suckle, AB, Little One, Our Bond Is Second To None….   XOXO, Miss Cate Madison
March 27, 2011

adult baby

Mostly I am a diaper lover. When I talk to a nice AB Daddy though I let my little Louie ab side out to play though. Sometimes he gets out of hand though and gets me into trouble. Then I get diaper punishments and I don’t know what to do with myself. Do you other ab’s have that happen? Do you have an ab side with a dash of terrible two’s? It gets out of hand and before I know my ab daddy is scolding me and spanking me. Then I try not to pout too much, but I have to pout a little bit. I don’t mean to be bad to daddy or to the mommies who take care of me, but a baby just doesn’t know when to stop sometimes. Louie
February 16, 2011

cloth diapers and plastic pants

AB Daniel couldn’t keep his hands out of his diaper. More specifically he couldn’t keep his hands out of his cloth diapers. I tried to tell him that if I caught him playing in his cloth diapers that Daddy would have to take him over his lap and spank his bottom. That is exactly what happened. I disciplined the sissy boy but he still couldn’t behave himself. So now AB Daniel can wear plastic panties that have a nifty lock on them. I sure hope that he understands why Daddy had to do that. Daddy Paul
October 30, 2010

Paddle hard!

These shorts made me think of some of the babies I talk to. A lot of them just fuss and whine and need to be spanked or paddled. Usually when I take them over my knee or make them bend over a chair and lay down the law so to speak they straighten up and it’s all yes Daddy and sorry Daddy. Maybe if they had to waltz around in these shorts for awhile they’d know I had a clear visual of how to handle their sassy butts. Besides that, they’re cute. Daddy Paul
September 22, 2010

Hurricane Mommy

Mommy can be like a Hurricane when you have been bad. Right before you get punished things can get very calm and serene. You might think I don’t know what you have done wrong. I’ve been known to let it slip for a day or so and then BAM you find yourself face to face with one upset Mommy. So think about it abies, just because I don’t react right away does not mean I don’t know what you have been up to. Mommy Lexus
July 4, 2010

Seriously Folks

I just had an unusual call. An abie called me up and wanted me to be a Daddy. I am used to role playing as a little one and it kind of caught me off guard. I have got to tell you it was all sorts of fun growing up and being a Daddy. It did teach me a good lesson as to what Mommies get to do. I am excited now that I learned a skill that I didn’t know I had in me. Anyway I hope that you had fun little one. Till next time see you all later. Louie
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