April 16, 2011

Bad Boys Wear Diapers

Nanny Ella loves teaching bad boys to behave. If you can’t be good, then you don’t deserve to be treated like a big boy. Nanny is tired of bad little boys acting like babies and wanting to be treated like big boys. From now on, if you act like a baby, you will be treated like one. You know what that means, don’t you? That’s right, you naughty boy! Nanny is going to force you to strip down and then I’m going to diaper you up like the little baby that you are. If you don’t want to wear diapers, learn to be good. In the mean time, you are going to wet that diaper like a little baby and depend on Nanny to change you. I think you are going to learn your lesson.   Call Nanny Ella for a special lesson.
July 3, 2010

Cooking My Panties Off

Holidays are fantastic, they are fun, you get to spend time with family and friends, drink a few drinks, play some games, laugh together, that is unless you are the one who has to cook or bake.  I had to take a break from baking, I am so tired of being picked every year to make the dessert portion of the picnic for the 4th of July.  Plus it’s hot already outside, and my AC is not working properly.  If it wasn’t for the mere fact of I may get burned in places nobody should even be touched, I would be baking naked.  PLUS, yes there is more, PLUS I get to cook this year too, it’s my turn to work the grill.  I wonder if it’s too late to find someone with the flu and become infected. Ella 1-888-430-2010
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