Rock n Roll Femdom
October 2, 2012
Over the knee with Mommy Josie
October 7, 2012

Do you remember when we first met?  You really did seem like a big tough man, I was almost fooled by those muscles and rugged good looks; but that went away fast the first time you pulled down your pants!  I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at that pathetic excuse for a cock dangling between your legs.  Most ladies would feel bad at the blush that spread over your face but I noticed the little quiver and how your baby-sized winkie stood straight up.


When I kept taunting you about that miniscule nub your bottom lip started to tremble.  Oh, my little baby was going to cry, wasn’t he?  Well if you are going to act like a baby then I’ll damn well treat you like a baby!


You tried to protest as I dragged you to the store, but there was no stopping me now.  It was time to go get the necessary supplies: disposable Adult Diapers, some cloth diapers and pins, baby powder and lotion and of course some Desitin in case your tender bottom gets a diaper rash.  The cashier tried not to chuckle when I made you confess the supplies were for you, but I saw the baby sized pup tent that popped!


It’s Diaper Time!  No more pretending to be a real man now.





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