May 30, 2013

Stinky Britches

Oh i smell something that is not so good i wonder what it could be hmm may have to do a really good search of the room to find it but i will baby knows i always find what ever it is stinking up this nice clean room.I wonder and look from one corner to the next i hear some giggling come from the corner of the sofa i dart my eyes toward the giggling knowing its you stinky britches i smile to myself  we always end up playing this game don’t we especially when you make messes in those nice clean diapers i try to keep on you.I pretend i am searching  really hard to find that smell you  look away and i grab you laughing right along with you. Oh what fun it is to play the game of hid-and-seek stinky diaper change Minnie 1.888.430.2010
May 29, 2013

Day Out With Mommy Crissy & our Sissies!

Mommy had such a great day today!  Mommy called her good friend, Mommy Crissy and said “Crissy, we need a day out.  Let’s go pop some tags!”  So with much excitement, we took our sweet little sissies shopping at our favorite Thrift Stores.  The giggles and squeals were ringing through the store as we pulled out so many darling outfits for our sissies to try on! Did you know that maternity tops can make the CUTEST babydolls?  Well, it’s true! I found so many pretty little things for Miss Sophie to try on, including some new patent leather shoes with a matching purse, a frilly little bonnet, a tutu and of course, a darling pink teddy bear to hug. Sissy Sophie made sure to model her favorite new tutu by twirling and hopping through the store, singing loudly “I love my mommy sara…she buys me pretty fings”.  Such a sweet little sissy!  I’m sure Mommy Crissy has funny memories and laughs that she’ll want to share about our outing today. We love taking our Sissies for a day out and I can’t wait to do it again! Mommy Sara Must be 18+ US & Canada: 1.888.430.2010 or  1.888.938.8382 Intl.: 011.1.714.442.2402 All calls discreetly billed as ‘ME LLC’ // Calls 1.99/min + 2.50 connection fee // Text sessions 1.49/min
January 5, 2013

**Panty Sissy**

I see  you found  those cute panties i hid but i knew you would find them that’s because you are such a sneaky little imp,love rambling thru my dresser drawers and especially thru the laundry basket didn’t think i knew did ya.Ah but you should know by now Granny knows and sees all can’t be too sneaky around me and get by with it.Come along little panty sissy awe are we nervous surely not you enjoy sneaking and wearing them so now you won’t have to i will let you wear my panties sweetie so we can show off those cute little bums of yours.Oh but i really think you should i watch as you shake your head and face turns beet red why so shy now huh oh now don’t tell me your a closet sissy well that is not going to work at all panty sissy i will get you out of that closet for sure.Then we can really have loads of fun don’t you think so come along now and lets get those panties on that you found  that was bought just for you my sweet. Minnie 1.888.430.2010
November 14, 2012

Wearing Diapers

Is wearing diapers weird?  Am I a freak for wanting to wear diapers? If I had a quarter for every time one of those questions were asked me… well, let’s just say I could retire to the tropics, and spend the rest of my days sipping on margaritas that  were served to me by my entourage of boy-toys. Back to the question at hand…you may think there is no one out there like you. That you must be a mutant from the planet Diapro who was shot to Earth in a baby powder bottle shaped spaceship in hopes to escape the evil deeds of the… (sorry, my sci-fi imagination got away from me, LOL).  The bottom line (powdered and thickly diapered) is that you are wrong about that – you are not a freak or a mutant or anything of the sort. There are many many people that, just like you, love the feel, smell, and comfort of a diaper. There are things that only putting on a soft, thick diaper can accomplish for you.  For some, just wearing is enough to send you over the edge.  For others, it’s the warm sensation you get when you first wet your diaper and every time after that. In either case, that thrill can only be experienced while wearing a diaper. And the thing is, once you come to realize that wearing diapers is what makes you truly happy, you start to want to wear more and more.  But hey, that’s ok; we diaper lovers are out here too, experiencing and feeling the exact same thing. So, now that we have that straightened out, who gets to be changed by me next?  You just might get a “special” spanking as well 😉   Mommy Lexus 1.888.430.2010
September 23, 2012

Flagellation with milf crissy

Flagellation is the art of erotically striking another examples are spanking,flogging,paddling &whipping. Mommy crissy salutes you my phonefriend’s with a heaping dose of loving spankings, This is undoubtedly one of all us mommies,grannies,aunties,sexy sitter’s,diaper girls,bdsm babes &teasing cousin’s most cherished method’s of phoneplay. Examples of this type of behavior modification are as follows: otk ,use an open palm,paddled,walloped,thrashed,flogged,to tan one’s hide,whoop one’s ass, belt,lash,thump,Swat. What ever you call it feels so damned good to administer the sweet & very pleasurable gift of spanking! What follows after the spanking’s always makes my blood hot. At times it’s been some very special mommy & Ab time other times its been steamy,lurid,naughty diapersex. Above all I enjoy every second of it & am always up for new kinks or new adventures in general maybe your thinking of new ways to steam up my lines now dear reader well bring it on Ab!~~~~~~~~~~~ Creamy & Dreamy Crissy 1*888*430*2010
August 14, 2012

Latex fetish lover

Love the feel of latex as it slides over your body and you sometimes have to tug and pull it over your body But you enjoy that tight feel don’t you especially when you wear diapers underneath that latex shirt.The feel of that latex on you is nothing else like it is there.I see the gleam in those eyes as you walk toward me strutting your stuff.Oh you look so adorable all dressed up in that latex shirt and diaper and sometimes even a pair of latex panties to go with that shirt you swing those hips as you walk toward the mirror on the floor in such a hurry to see yourself are you not latex lover. Minnie 1.888.430.2010 PS: this is for you rfetish hope you enjoy this sweetie
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