October 20, 2009

I have had some very naughty abies calling me lately but that’s ok, I know exactly  what to do with them. Naughty abies call Mommy Lexus to be punished but they don’t always learn their lesson. Some need to keep coming back, over and over, for additional training. One young man needs his spankings to keep him in line because he speaks out of turn and throws tantrums. Another one needs diaper discipline because he’s always playing with himself when he shouldn’t be. Like I said, naughty, naughty abies. Mommy Lexus has seen it all and there’s no situation, when it comes to discipline and punishment, which I can’t handle. This isn’t behavioral correction though. I do expect you’ll be back for more whether it’s sissy training or chastity training or anything else I decide to dole out. Call me now to learn about your own special punishment Mommy Lexus 1 888 430-2010
October 17, 2009

Some of the Mommies here are so sweet and kind, but I think they are too kind.  Abies need a firm, disciplinarian to help shape them into thoughtful and well-behaved little ones.  Now Mommy Lexus is here to bring that much needed discipline to PhoneAMommy and all the Abies that these Mommies, Nannies, and Sitters have been coddling and spoiling.  Mommies send their Abies to mean Mommy Lexus when they are acting up and misbehaving so you better be good or be ready to accept your punishment.  Lots of these spoiled little ones seem to think that tears and “sorry” can fix things and maybe that works with sweet kind Mommy Candy or some of the other Mommies here but that’s not how Mommy Lexus works.  Generally, when you are whining and crying about how sorry you are, it’s just the beginning.  We’ll see how sorry you are when your bottom is all swollen and sore. Mommy Lexus 1 888 430-2010
October 11, 2009

Time for Potty Training

Aww did my poor aby mess himself again? That is ok, Mommy Lexus just got aby a brand new potty seat and I can’t wait to start training aby to use it.  aby will not want to give up wearing diapers so Mommy will still let aby use them at night shhh don’t worry it will be our little secret. tehehehee Mommy Lexus 1 888 430-2010
October 11, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Now everyone who loves pink and pretty things I have a craft for you.  I am going to be making one for myself, for my guest room because it’s very girlie.  It’s a feather sissy wreath, and I think it’s gorgeous.  Maybe I will even make some to sell, who knows, but take a look at it.  Can’t you see this hanging in your room? Or on your door? It’s so precious and adorable, just like you 🙂 . Lizabeth 1.888.430.2010
October 2, 2009

Baby Memories

I was cleaning out some closets the day when I happened upon an old diaper bag sitting in the top of my closet. Upon opening it I discovered some old things I had thought were lost like the passing of time. In the bag I found thing of mine from I was just a tiny little baby. There was my first blanket, light blue with little animals all over it, a pacifier, a couple of onsies the baby blue outfit that I was brought home in and a couple of my baby pictures. I was so happy to find these things. Well thanks for letting me share these memories with you. And if you think about it call your Mother and tell her thanks for all she has done for you. Daddy Paul
October 1, 2009

Who did that

Opps who did that…we all make messes sometimes don’t we…well…Nanny Rachel can help clean you up and prepare you for our outting to purchase some new clothes or maybe you just need to have your diaper change…Well tell mommy and daddy to give nanny a call so we can spend a  little time together and make sure that you are oh so clean and fresh….opps nanny smells something did you go again or was that just a love you nanny fart…oh no…..
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