December 4, 2009

Naughty or Nice?

Santa has asked Mommy Candy to make a list of “Naughty or Nice” adult babies.  I hope all you little ones have been good abies.  I have my good abies, and I have my naughty abies and I love spending time with all of them.  My good abies are always well behaved and listen to mommy, they love it when I powder their bottoms and cuddle them to my chest.  Now my bad little abies they like to cry for attention and throw little tantrums if they don’t get what they want.  That’s when sweet Mommy Candy has to be stern and not give in to adult baby.  I love spoiling my abies, but sometimes too much spoiling will turn adult baby in to a brat and land him on the naughty list. Make sure you call your mommy and tell her if your been Naughty or Nice? Mommy Candy 1 888 430-2010
December 4, 2009

Santa Baby

Sissies who like dressing up for Daddy can take my breath away. So cute and sometimes so sexy they can be. I’m a Daddy who likes costumes too. A sissy friend of mine is dressing up as a sexy Santa for me for Christmas. That is one gift I can’t wait to unwrap. Don’t worry, I can appreciate and take in a pretty package too. I won’t rush through it. Normally surprises are better than knowing, but this little teasing sissy knew how to make Daddy anxious. Daddy Paul
December 2, 2009

Missbehaving ABDL Ducky

Every now and then Mommy Ava meets a special little abie who holds a warm place in my heart.  Yellow Ducky is just that abie!  Many of you that follow this blog, and chat in the room, already know the little rascal. Sometimes the Ducky can be a real handful, once he goes in to mischievous gear there’s no stopping him. For instance when he throws a boobie  tantrum and yells boobie boobie non stop, until Mommy feeds abie and cuddles him in her arms and tells him what a sweet abie he is and how much Mommy loves her little ducky.  Deep down Mommy adores mischievous Ducky but shhhh that’s just between us. Ava  
December 2, 2009


I know these aren’t frilly, or pink, but when I saw these I couldn’t help but notice just how pretty they are.  Pink is beautiful, but sometimes other colors are just as beautiful.  The blue on the Knickers reminds me of the sky in Montana on a beautiful summer day, where you can just see nothing but that, not a cloud in sight.  Plus I think a lot of people look really nice in blue.  And I know these would just look so wonderful over your little diaper covered hiney. Mommy Lizabeth 1-888-430-2010
November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble Little Ones

Are you ready?  It’s almost here and I cant wait to pig out with my loud and crazy family.  We have 2 new abies in the family that I get to meet for the first time, I cant wait to diaper their bottoms and bounce them on my knee.  I hope all of my abies have a great Thanksgiving and eat too much, and laugh too much and maybe this will be the year you get to sit at the big table?   Chances are though you need to be out of diapers to sit at the big table so abie will have to eat in a high chair till next year.  Gobble Gobble my little ones and remember all calls are still only $1.79 till the November 30th. Mommy Ava    
November 25, 2009

Holiday Spirit

  So are you prepared for the holidays….instead of sitting on Santa’s lap this year you can come over to Nanny’s house and have a special moment to tell me all about what is on your wish list for Christmas…mmmm…..does that not sound like a good plan….I would love to hear about all you want for Christmas and hopefully help you get everything that you deserve as well as you demand during this special time with me….I love this time of year and to hear about all the things that you wished you had and maybe those things that we can share together….oh my…what a time we would have…..oh thank goodness for Christmas since I need to have all my wish list also revealed and maybe be able to use a few items on you during your visit with me…..mmmmm…..Rachel 1-888-430-2010
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