February 23, 2013

Special Visit

  This weekend my favorite uncle came to visit – he always knows just how to treat a sweet girl like me. Uncle Mike woke me up Saturday morning by sneaking under the sheets and tickling me under my nightie! I woke up wiggling and giggling and bouncing in my bed hehehehehehe!! Then I got to have a whole weekend of special lil girl and uncle time!! It was just soo much fun. All weekend my Uncle Mike changed my diapey and played fun games with me. He brought me lotsa new clothes like dresses and cute little panties that he let me show off for him. He fed me my favorite babi foods and fed be bottles… he even gave me Uncle Mikes special bottle hehehe!! Of course my very favorite part of the whole visit was when we got to play good girl games! They’re kinda like Daddy’s good girl games, but its so fun because it doesn’t happen so often! I can’t wait till the next time Uncle Mike visits! He makes me feel like such a special adult baby girl!! Not everybody knows how to treat a sweet girl like me! Love, Lacy 1.888.430.2010  
February 19, 2013

Easter’s Almost Here!

I hope all of you adult babies and diaper lovers out there have a Happy Easter and don’t forget the Easter bunny is on its way to bring you a beautiful Easter Basket filled with all kinds of goodies for my sweet adult baby and sissy bois.  Aby will have to put on your special Easter outfit; Mommy Ava got you the perfect little sailor suit. White with blue trim and I bet you will be the cutest little adult baby boi at the Easter egg hunt.  Easter is a especially important day for sissy aby and the perfect time to show off a beautiful Easter dress complete with bonnet and gloves.  Wont my little sissy aby be the belle of the Easter ball lol Ava 888*430*2010
February 18, 2013

dommy mommy play

Dommy mommy play is simply put Sexy! I am sweet and responsible on one hand being a mommy, changing diapers and keeping my abie on the right path to be good. On the other hand when abie is not so good my domina side come out to deal with punishing the offender of my broken rules. I instruct my naughty little abie to be ready for what ever I deem needs to be done about the misbehavior but they never are ready for what I have to dish out. On their little knees they try to keep me from tanning little bottoms and it does not work they always end up on the business end of my paddle or whip if the need is more severe for the method of discipline. Have you been bad to night ? I can see by your smile you might need some time over my knee. Crissy 1*888*430*2010  
February 10, 2013

Sticky Treats

For Valentine’s Day I decided to make something extra-specially sweet and yummy. A sweet, sticky, crunchy, and gooey treat that’s sure to give you a sugary rush for all the your Valentine’s Day plans. Now, usually these are called Hello Dollies, but, as with most things, I made these all about me hehehe! Hello Cali’s 1 stick salted butter, cut up into chunks 1 1/2 cups graham crackers crumbs 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips 1 cup butterscotch chips 1 cup shredded coconut 1 cup pecans, chopped 1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk Preheat your oven to 350. Melt the butter in the microwave and then mix with the graham cracker crumbs. Press the buttery graham cracker crumbs into an 8X8 baking pan. Then layer the coconut, pecans, butterscotch and chocolate chips in the pan. Pour the sweetened condensed milk over all those yummy bits! Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until the coconut on top is golden brown and the condensed milk looks sticky and bubbly. When it’s all ready and they’ve cooled enough cut them into little square and then eat them alllll up hehehe! They’re so perfectly sweet and yummy! Happy Valentine’s Day! Kissies, Cali 1.888.430.2010
February 8, 2013

Diaper Punishment

I warned you what was going to happen if you did it again, didn’t I? That the price for your insolence was going to be high.  Now look at your self – your diapered ass exposed as your sitting in a crib, restraints keeping your naughty self still while I stuff the enema nozzle deep up that hole of yours.  You had better hold you water you weak, pathetic excuse of a man – and I use that term very loosely. Once you have taken all your water, then I’m going to put you in a double pair of plastic pants and make you fill that triple diaper of yours…and you can sit in your extremely full and dirty diaper all night and think upon what you have done and how you are going to make it up to me.   Now call Lexus and take your diaper punishment – you know you deserve it   1.888.430.2010
February 4, 2013

Keeping Quiet

Lots of times I gotta make sure my ABies keep quiet for when I invite people over. There’s a time and a place for an ABy to speak, like when I tell them to haha! Now a lot of times, they’ll keep quiet if they’re usually well behaved. And then there’s other times, usually when they’re too scared, where they just can’t seem to shut their dumb little pie holes. They just can’t help themselves! Like, sometimes my girlfriends come over to have some fun teasing and playing with them. Other times I’ll have a boyfriend over, either to have some fun with me, or to use my little sissies hehehe. Anyway, I gotta keep em quiet, or else they cause too much trouble! Of course, there’s all sortsa ways to get an ABy or sissy to shut up. But there’s two ways that always work for me. One is to scare them. A lot, hehehe. I don’t mean threaten em with a spanking, we’re talking about something a little more effective. All it takes is a little something extra, and they’ll be so scared, they couldn’t make a peep if they tried. Like, maybe, they might get something forcibly inserted somewhere – now I’m not saying what exactly here, but I think you get the idea! Now the other way is absolutely fool proof. It helps if you have someone there with ya to give you a hand. One person gets a good old on the ABy, and the other just stuffs their mouth with something – anything really, pacifier, ball gag, anything that you think will get the job done. Then you just bind it in place with duct tape. Easy peasy! Once you’ve got your ABy quiet and manageable, there’s allllll kindsa fun to be had, maybe I can show you… xoxo Samantha 1.888.430.2010
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